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Accounting principles are the general rules and concepts that govern accounting. These rules form a foundation whereby accounting rules are based. The rules are detailed, complicated, and hence require a system that makes accounting simple to articulate. You can seek more about intermediary accounting help by contacting us today for prompt assistance.

The accounting principles help govern operations related to accounting. The standard set of principles used is the generally accepted accounting principles. GAAPs, in short, is a combination of authoritative standards and the commonly accepted methods of reporting and recording accounting information.

What is Accounting Principles Importance

These rules are used by business entities to summarize the accounting records into financial statements, accurately organize their financial info into accounting records and disclose supporting information.

What is Accounting Principles Rules

The generally accepted accounting principles consist of three essential rules;

  • The generally accepted industry practices.
  • The detailed rules and standards issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Accounting Principles Board (APB)
  • The basic accounting principles and guidelines
  • The Principles of accounting

    Every organization intending to disclose its financial statements to the public must follow the GAAP in their preparation. This applies to the companies whose stocks are traded publicly. Therefore, what are these accounting principles? Below is a list of the primary accounting principles.

    Monetary unit assumption

    This principle is related to economic activity. It gives the assumption that the dollar's purchasing power has not changed over some time. Due to this, the bookkeepers ignore the effect on recorded amounts.

    Economic entity assumption

    Accountants keep all the business transactions separate from the business owner's transactions. According to accounting, the business and its owner are two separate entities.

    Cost principle

    It is concerned with the figures in the financial statements. The amounts in the documents are known as historical cost amounts. Based on the accounting principle, the asset amounts are not adjusted for inflation, or any increase in value. Therefore, you are not likely to know the current value of an organization long term assets, unless you look for third-party appraisers.

    Going concern Accounting principle

    This principle assumes that an organization will continue to exist long enough to carry out its set objectives and commitments. It checks on the financial health of an institution.

    Full disclosure principle

    It states that every crucial detail that will be involved in the financial statement must be disclosed.

    Matching principle

    This rule asserts that a firm is required to apply the accrual basis of accounting whereby expenses are matched with revenue.

    Consistency principle

    It states that once you decide on an accounting method to use in your business entity, you need to stick with it throughout your accounting period.

    Materiality principle

    It suggests that an accountant must include and report all materials in the financial statement. The content should have a valuable impact on the business and can influence the decision of an organization.

    Conservatism principle

    This rule allows the bookkeepers to anticipate future losses and not gains. This suggests that the firm should play safe by choosing a less favorable outcome.

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