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How to Solve Hard Math Problems

Learning how to solve hard math problems is an essential aspect of understanding mathematics in school. Mathematics problems are solved by a combination of acquired knowledge, experience, patience, and hard work. Knowledge is gained by studying the topics of the problem in question and experience is gotten by regularly practicing on the questions to do with that topic.

Working hard and having the patience to continue researching, learning and practicing consistently is what gives us the necessary expertise to solve the challenging math questions that we may come across in our level of study.

Once we have the knowledge and expertise to solve math problems from a particular topic, we need to create a foolproof approach that will ensure that no matter how imperative the problem we come across is, we can solve the hard math problem like an expert. There are steps to solving hard math problems, and all expert mathematicians have their strategies devised that they use to attack problems. The following is one example of an approach to use when presented with a problem that seems a bit testing to our skills.

Understand the Problem

Read and re-read the question so that you make sure you completely understand the question before you even start thinking of a solution. If the problem is complex several times make sure that you have understood the question, paraphrase and write out the question in your own words.

Read what you have written against the question and make sure what you have written accurately corresponds to what the question is asking. Once you have verified that you have completely understood what the question is asking and what the examiner requires, then you can go ahead and start planning the solution to your problem.

How to Solve Hard Math Problems by Planning Solutions

The first step is to relate the information that you have written down concerning the question to the relevant mathematical concepts that will provide the formulas for the solution. It helps to review the ideas from textbooks to verify that you are making the right relationships. Write down everything that you will need to do to solve the problem.

If the problem is too complicated and you are not sure the things that you will need to do to arrive at the solution, try and find an easier problem of the same nature and solve it. It will help you to brush up on the concepts before you attack the challenging question. By now, you will already know which formulae to use and how to relate the variables that are in the problem. You can now start to solve your problem.

Solve the Problem

Go back to the step by step plan that you have written down. Follow the steps one by one, making sure that you are carefully executing the steps as required. The importance of creating the step by step plan was so that you break the big complex problem into many small problems that are easier to solve. Cross-check the result at every level and make sure it is a significant and realistic estimate. These step by step results are important milestones leading you to your eventual solution.

If the milestone results are unrealistic or you get stuck along the way, then it means that the step by step solution plan you had made had an error and you need to review it or create a new plan. The good thing about breaking your problem into some problems is if you get stuck in the middle you do not need to start from scratch. You can pick up from the step where the formula got complicated, or the result was unrealistic. Debug your procedure and then proceed with your problem-solving.

How to Solve Hard Math Problems By Going Over Your Solutions

When you have done your step by step procedures to the last stage, and you have gotten your solution, you need to do a run through all the steps from the first one to the previous step to ensure that you solved the problem correctly. You will know that you have successfully solved the problem if your corrected step by step solution runs through smoothly from start to finish.

Doing a run through rubber stamps the concepts that you were not very conversant in, ensuring that you will be able to handle problems of that nature any other time it also helps you identify which areas you may need to do more practice in.

Math is a challenging subject for many students. This is not because it is a difficult subject. It is because it demands constant practice. Every time you come across a tough question, and you turn to and say, solve my math problem, you will have the opportunity to learn on the concept.

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