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Applied Mathematics Jobs to Pursue With a Math Degree

Are you thinking of taking a degree, masters or a Ph.D. in applied mathematics? Here are the examples of applied mathematics jobs that you will be eligible for once you are graduated.

Applied Mathematics Jobs in Cryptographer

Cryptographers use complex mathematical theories of sequences and series to help protect vital information for government institutions and private organizations. They also help crack encrypted data to assist the government in solving certain crimes. Cryptographers are also used to solve problems in various businesses, engineering, and industrial science situations.

Applied Mathematics Jobs in Economics

Economists are mathematicians that conduct surveys to collect data and then mathematical models and statistical methods to analyze the data. The data that economists are concerned with is data to deal with the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services. They use the analysis of these items to interpret and forecast market trends. By predicting market trends, economists help businesses and government agencies to develop policies that have essential financial implications in businesses or the nation.

Applied Mathematics Jobs in Actuary

Actuaries are mathematical professionals that analyze the financial consequences of risk. Actuaries work in insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and other huge corporations to help them manage financial risk. They use advanced probability and statistical methods to determine the risk involved in making certain financial decisions.

Financial planning and investment expert

Financial planners are professionals who help individuals or businesses manage their finances by providing them with advice in areas like investments, cash flow, savings, and management of debt. They do this by finding financial opportunities that would fit well with the individual or organization's economic status and developing financial plans that are per the company or individual's needs.


Statisticians gather vast amounts of numerical data analysis and then present the data to companies in a simplified way to help the company or organization make sense of the data in terms of the trends observed in the data so that the organization can make important decisions and predictions. Statisticians are employed in market research companies, health authorities, educational bodies, and national statistics institutions.


Accountants are responsible for keeping track of all transactions that companies make. They summarize the organization's financial information by analyzing and preparing balance sheets for all the finances that enter or leave the company. Accountants help the company ensure that it continues to operate within the required budget. Accountants are also responsible for providing the company is compliant with all government taxation.

Data analyst

Data analysts collect data on sales information, market research, logistics and other variables within the operations of a business and use right technical expertise to analyze and present the data in ways that the company management can use to make better decisions. Data analysts are essential to industries like healthcare, insurance and sales, and marketing.

Insurance underwriter

Underwriters calculate the risks that are involved with insurance policy terms. They estimate the premiums that a customer is going to pay based on actuarial and statistical calculations using the data and background information that the customer has provided. Underwriters ensure that the quotes created are profitable to the company and are competitive and beneficial to the customer.

Quantity survey

Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all the costs that are related to building construction and civil engineering projects. They perform optimization calculations to establish the perfect blend between the cost and the quality standards of the project. They calculate and monitor all the expense and estimates during the project and keep track of all variations that may affect the costs that are in the project.

Applied Mathematics Jobs in Market analyst

Market analysts collect data on consumer preferences and sales process trends; use various statistical methods to analyze the data to provide information that helps organizations to make crucial decisions on product design, advertisement, and marketing of their products. Market analysts work for specialized consulting firms that are usually given short term contracts by production and manufacturing companies.

Systems biology

Systems biologists are also known as bio mathematicians. These mathematicians research biology, medicine, and health-related studies and interpret it using mathematical and statistical methods so that to provide relevant information that is used in the development of medication, the advancement of genetic research and other milestones in the field of applied biology. Biochemistry and biophysics are disciplines that are strictly related to systems biology.

Materials science

This is a field of engineering that studies the properties of natural and manufactured materials. Materials science uses continuum mechanics, differential and integral optimization and probability theories to create procedures for the manufacture of various products and their characteristics and how they will relate with various substances and the environment.

These are just a few of the jobs that one can apply for with a major in applied mathematics. Many websites will provide you with math help and career options in mathematics if you are interested in pursuing this exciting field.

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