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When it comes to choosing accounting careers, accounting students tend to be more in hesitation. This is to the knowledge that accountants are only responsible for the calculation of taxes, bookkeeping, production of financial statements as well as the work of payroll in a company. The truth is that all these activities are associated with an accountant. So, the question of specialization is based on what to do with an accounting degree.

However, different types of accountants work in different sections or specialization in the accounting department. Therefore, look only on the broader accounting level is much less important in the accounting career field. Accounting is wide, and specialization is the major key here.

What to Do with an Accounting Degree

There are vast arrays of specialized accounting jobs that a graduate should be able to undertake or pursue. These accounting jobs are increasing in demand for the last decade. That well said it is important to understand these job opportunities to pursue the one that truly interests you much.

Today, we will discuss some of the lucrative accounting careers that are worth your return on investment. Whether you are a master or bachelor degree graduate, here are some of the options to give a shot.

Accounting Manager

Accounting management is one of the most paying jobs in the 21st Century. Accounting Managers are required to oversee his accounting team in preparation, reviewing, and budgeting of the financial resources of the company. The average salary for an Accounting Manager is $90,000, which makes it a good option for a student pursuing a degree in accounting.

Accounting managers are required to report to the high-level authority such as the Chief Finance offer in the company. Hence, he or she is a vital link between top management and the lower management team. Accounting manager can also be required to have 4-5 years' experience as well as other accounting certifications such as the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant).

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

This is the most accounting associated job. The holder of CPA is deemed to possess superb and exceptional skills in analysis, accounting, and tax calculations and immense knowledge on the accounting or the finance law. For one to succeed in this field, he or she should be good in math and accounting as well as taxation law. A bachelor degree is required for a CPA to secure a well-paying accounting job easily. The average salary of a CPA holder is $69,410.


The auditor is essential to make sure the financial statements, as well as the internal auditing, adhere to the rules and regulations of the Internal auditing standards. In short, auditors make assurance to the states of affairs in a company. They also have the power to change the company processes when the need arises. An auditor earns an average salary of $69,350.

Chief Finance Officer

The CFO (Chief Finance Officer) is tasked with management related job. His job majorly entails financial planning, organizational analysis, and proper preparation of the financial reports as well as tracking of the cash flows. Depending on the roles outlook in different companies, a chief Finance officer earns an average salary of $364,649.

Other well-paying accounting careers are financial analyst, financial consultant, actuaries, investment banker, finance manager, and international tax manager, among others.

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