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After the physics experiment, students are required to write lab reports to explain the results obtained and the procedure that they used to obtain the results. As simple as it may seem, physics lab reports are sometimes intimidating and hectic, especially when you do not know what to include in it. This problem is common, and when you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic or start hating the subject. In this article, we have got you covered. We are going to teach you in details how to write a physics lab report, a masterpiece that will make you change your perception about physics experiments.

Here is a complete guide on how to write a physics lab report

Evaluate your writing techniques

Physics lab report should be written correctly from the start. Some of these techniques are:

Proper grammar and full sentences

Despite your effort to collect data and analyze it, a physics lab report should be written in the right mechanics. Writing the lab report without clear readability that the scientists or your readers cannot understand will term your report as vague or useless. It is also important to understand that one of the major objectives for writing your lab report is to give a space for the readers to recreate your experiments. If you cannot help the reader to understand how you did it, then they will find it difficult to get the exact results as you did.

Besides, avoid using bullet list in your physics lab report, especially in the main sections. Bullets can only be used when you are highlighting your apparatus or the material list.


Logic is another important physics lab writing technique that should be put into consideration. When your lab report does not make any sense to you, then it means that even your readers will be more confused. Therefore, after checking on your grammar, read through the report editing or removing the unclear sentences. All your lab report sentences should be easily understood since the readers may not be familiar with your experiment.

To make sure that you attain your sentences' logicality, consider using more active voice sentences than the passive voice ones. Active voice is easily understood. Although it's not offending to use passive voices, try and minimize them for easy flow.

How to Write Physics Lab Report by Making sure you stay on topic

For your physics lab to be easily understood, make sure that you group them by topic. Do not write too many sentences without meaning as this may frustrate the reader when he or she reads a lot of fluff to get your major idea. Make sure all the paragraphs point to that topic hence do not jump to results when writing your introduction. Put to mind that the reader is unfamiliar with your experiment hence you need to take him or her step by step.

Stick to the present tense and third person

Write your physics lab report using the present tense. Past tenses are appropriate when writing about the results and experiments that you have done in your past. Similarly, avoid using pronouns such as my, we, I and our, etc. Use the authoritative third-person point of view.

Proof read and edit

After finishing checking on all your writing techniques, it is important to proofread and edit. Make sure that you include your headings and subheadings where appropriate.

Sections that should be included into your physics lab report

For a better physics lab report, you should learn to include proper sections. These sections are:

  • Cover sheet
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Procedure
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Cover Sheet
  • This is the first section of the physics lab report that include your name and that of the partner, date of the experiment, name of your instructor and the title of your experiment.


    This is the section that the readers want to first see so that they can determine whether to continue reading your report or not. Although it is the no. 1 section in your lab report, it is advisable to be written as the last since it includes the hypothesis, the purpose of the experiment and the significant findings of the report. Make sure you keep it as brief as possible.


    Here you will state your background information on conducting your research as well as the motivation when conducting and completing your experiment.


    What was your goal of conducting the experiment? Also, you can include your thesis here.


    In this section, you will explain the procedures that you have used to obtain the results. You can also include your data analysis and presentation forms here. In case there are graphs and charts, you can include them to enable the readers to understand your procedure easily.


    When concluding your physics lab report, call for action and also suggest for further study on the topic.


    You may also want to include the sources of your research. This is the best section to cite all the relevant resources used for the reader to have a look in case they need to learn more on your experiment.

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