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Math is incredibly important in our everyday lives. We use mathematical concepts and skills in everything that we do. We do not have to have to be career mathematicians to apply mathematical concepts. Math is one of the disciplines that whether we like it or not, we cannot escape it from our lives. Consider simple things like budgeting for your regular spending or the exchange of goods for cash for a shopkeeper. These activities require even a basic understanding of mathematics. Here is a detailed list of 15 reasons why you should study mathematics.

Math is good in brain development

Research conducted has shown that studying and performing math operations helps sharpen our brains. People who are good in math have been seen to have better cognitive capabilities, attention and decision making skills.

Math helps with self-awareness, Math lovers calculate everything

People who are conversant with mathematics or people who love mathematics always know what they are getting for what they are giving out. They know which route to use because it is shorter or which store to go to because it is cheaper. They tend to be aware of everything that is around them.

Math helps us with timekeeping

Mathematics helps us to be better tie keepers. This is because we can calculate the time it takes to do something or to go somewhere. This promotes better our organizational capacities as far as timekeeping is concerned.

Math helps us with budgeting

Budgeting is the act of financial planning and resource allocation. It requires careful analysis of the resources and prioritization of the needs. This involves a lot of mathematical calculation. Without math, finances would be used and be depleted randomly.

Math with planning

Planning and budgeting are similar but not necessarily the same. Budgeting is planning for the resources that are already at hand. While planning is generally a mental organization towards a specific idea or goal, Math can help us develop short and even long term plans. We can allocate investments and also project the returns to expect from the investments that we have allocated.

Development and advancement of businesses

Businesses depend on sales to make profits. Every business sells either a service or a product in exchange for financial currency. Mathematics helps in the quantification of these sales and returns. It then helps in their analysis to determine the profit margins that the business is dealing with.

Basis for numerous careers

Engineering, Economics, Architecture, Actuarial science, Quantity survey, Accounts, Logistics, Auditing, and uncountable many other careers are dependent on mathematics. There is no industry that does not require the expertise of a mathematician.

Analysis and description of items

Items are described and identified according to their physical properties. Weight, height, length, etc. without math, how would we have been able to quantify these items? The engine capacity classifies most machinery, the amount of load that it can manage or the rotations or revolutions per unit time that part of it makes. All these qualities require some calculation or measurement to be arrived at.

Advancement of technology

With the problem solution of complex mathematical theories by pure mathematicians, engineers can invent new technologies and incorporate them to improve important human activities like communication, locomotion, health services and many others.

Preparation or avoidance of natural calamities

Mathematicians in the meteorological department conduct extensive research and analysis using computerized methods to predict weather and climate. They see adverse weather conditions coming and notify the government to plan for them before they even happen and hence help in avoiding calamities.

  • Math helps in the development and invention of medication
  • Math helps in government management and planning.
  • Math helps in public decision making.
  • Math helps musicians create music.
  • Math helps in design and creation.
  • Although mathematics has a lot of importance, it can be quite challenging due to the application of complex formulas and theorems. However, with the effective math homework help, you will not have to compromise on your grades.

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