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Most students get a cold sweat when the word 'statistics' pops out into question. However, a few of them enjoy the cold comfort of hard-and-fast numbers, how those integers relate to one another, and the clarity they seize when fully articulated. Therefore this brings up the question.

Why does the vast majority shy away from the subject? Are the contents too complex to understand? In this article, you are going to learn some of the reasons why statistics is hard. Before we proceed to the causes, you can get in touch with us today for any statistics math help and question on the subject.

Lack of knowledge in math

Statistics is a branch of mathematics. To truly understand the subject matter, you need to delve deep into the mathematical details. Until you learn the statistical meaning of technical words, you can be very confused when reading statistics books. Not paying attention to common terminologies that have a special sense in statistics.

Requires critical thinking

The whole idea of statistics is to start with a limited amount of data and make a general conclusion. Statistics go from a set of specific information that requires work to a general completion of the question in detail.

Mathematical application of probability to statistical analyses requires reasoning that may sometimes pose to be challenging to the student. The student, therefore, needs to devote more time in understanding the concept rather than cramming the info.

Student's attitude towards statistics

Negative opinions from students are closely aligned with difficulty, and people tend to disassociate themselves where possible from an area they perceive as difficult. While challenge forms a sub-construct of attitude, it is possible for a person to have a positive attitude towards statistics but still view it as a difficult subject.

However, very few students portray these unique traits. Negative attitude towards the question leads to its ignorance, and hence little effort will be dedicated to the study.

Lack of enough time to study

Statistics being a field of science requires one to put more effort into revising and practicing the different statistical problems. In most cases, the time devoted to learning statistics is limited. The vast amount of info available requires one to spend at least an hour every day of the week.

Due to this, most students find it hard to cope with the schedule, especially those that have several subjects that must be attended to. Also, the program set by schools and colleges makes it hard to learn statistics.

In situations where a lesson is scheduled once per week, students are likely to forget the previous lessons which become another drawback on the precedent.

Mode of teaching

When learning statistics as a topic in mathematics, many teachers slam over it or even omit some of the information. Due to this most students end up getting the wrong contents as a result of the teacher's mistake.

Also, the students are likely to forget the info the moment they are done with the course. Some of the teachers may do this because they do not like the field, hence passing on the idea to students who may find it quite challenging.

Remember, if the teachers imply on the difficulty of the subject, there is a high probability that students will have a lasting effect on the impression made.

Difficult topics in statistics

Most math teachers acknowledge the practical importance of statistics and are willing to give more relevance to the teaching of the subject. However, many of them do not consider themselves well prepared for teaching statistics.

The subject is likely to be hard if the teacher lacks enough statistical knowledge. Teacher preparation is one of the fundamental reasons teachers are ill-prepared to teach statistics. This is because some of them graduated from university where they had little knowledge of statistics in their education course.

Topics that require conceptual understanding and interpretative skills are regarded as more difficult from those who need the routine procedure and the factual recall.

State of uncertainty

Uncertainty causes problems for prospective students. The deviation away from one reliable answer that is correct, as they are used in mathematics is not welcoming for them, yet it is the one necessary if statistics are to be taught appropriately.

This deviation brings about confusion to the student, which leads to verification of inappropriate content. The uncertainty may also be prone to teachers as well, which is the worst thing that could happen to the education system.

Unfavorable methods of teaching statistics

Statistics needs to be taught well. Use of improper statistical methods in schools and universities may primarily contribute to the people ignoring the subject. In most cases, people may find it challenging to understand the simple solutions to statistics due to inferior teaching methods. This can have serious consequences when applied to professional settings.

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