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Over the past years, students have had several requests for help in Geometry, making one wonder what about Geometry makes it so hard to grasp. It is not rocket science for sure; thus, a struggling student needs to look at it in a certain way that makes it comfortable to them. In this article, you will have a glance at some of the reasons why it seems so hard. You can get in touch with us today for help to solve geometry problems online and any clarity on the subject.

Lack of understanding of geometric concepts and principles as a reason Why geometry is hard

The geometric concepts require one to study, progressing their skills through various levels consistently. These levels are known as van Hiele levels. The theory has it that a student with a low van Hiele level has a high probability of not articulating the subject concepts, hence making it complicated. Due to these reasons, the student may fall short on some chapters and the formal writing proofs.

Also to note is the teaching system used. It does not foster students into a higher level of geometrical thinking since most of the problems involve calculations, and make use of formulas instead of scrutinizing and analyzing the figures, and comments about the properties themselves.

Requires a lot of memorization as a reason Why Geometry is Hard

Geometry being a broad discipline involves a lot of memorization. The many course books available emphasize algebraic reasoning, numeracy, and arithmetical concepts. Geometry requires the student to revisit the topics often and practice the problems taking note of the formulas and different subtopics. In such cases, the students may be in a position where they remember the terminologies but cannot remember the concepts.

Lack of proof as a Reason Why Geometry is Hard

The subject matter involves complex contents that lack formal evidence, that is they do not require justification or explanation on how things work. It only involves calculations and use of formulas. Due to this, it may pose to be a challenge to students, since one cannot explain how certain things happen in the precedent. It can also mislead students to thinking that two-column proof is the only kind of evidence which is not and never exists with practicing mathematicians.

Negative attitude and interest from students

The student’s perspective is very important for every subject. Situations, where students portray negative attitudes towards geometry, poses a high probability that the effort made on improving the question will be minimal and hence contributing to its difficulty. Some instances where concepts such as definitions are easy to understand may pose to be hard for the student with privative interests.

Inadequate knowledge by the teacher

Most teachers base their lessons according to the academic curricula and course books available. Therefore, an inexperienced teacher may find it stressful answering questions from students that are not in the textbooks. As a result, the teacher’s inability to solve that problem may directly affect the students hence making geometry a hard subject.

Different approach to geometry

Research has it that most scholars tend to have a natural tendency to either the visual or arithmetic way of approaching math and geometric problems. This is due to the difference in a person’s physical ability. Thus it may be challenging for the slow learners, since the teacher may brush over the contents in a different scope as they view it. This makes it be among the critical reasons why geometry is a hard subject.

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