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Chemistry is a general science that exists in everything in the universe. The food we eat is chemistry, how we clean our clothes, how we run or walk, when we talk is chemistry, put merely, chemistry is everything. Whenever students or people hear the word "chemistry," they start to make up a clear picture in their mind about a person wearing a lab coat and holding a laboratory with a chemical in a room of full of apparatus. Besides, why is chemistry important?

Chemistry is the scientific study of the composition, properties and the structure of a matter. It aims to explain how different forms of matter change from one way to another as well as their relationship with energy. That well said, let us now embark on the most asked question, why is it significant?

Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry as said earlier, it is found in everything under the universe. Here are some of the scopes covered:

Chemistry has enabled the supply of food

Through the production of fertilizers such as sodium nitrate, urea, ammonium sulfate, and calcium superphosphate, the world has been able to grow adequate food for its population. It has also enabled the production of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides which have protected our crops from harmful bacteria and insects that may cause damage to the crops leading to food shortage.

Thanks to this field, our food stores are now in surplus. It has even enabled the manufacturing of preservatives for all our food. The replacement of CFC from our refrigerators is a significant advancement in the preservation.

Improvement in the health sector

The world of chemistry has seen massive advancement in the health sector. Today, there is medication for relatively every illness that exists in human and animals as well as plants. The discovery of penicillin to treat pneumonia and sulfur medicine that treats dysentery is a proper proof of the magic of chemistry in the health sector. Do not forget the discovery of ARVs which is used to boost the immune system of patients who have HIV/AIDS.

Improvement in the environment preservation

The environment is an essential niche for all biotic and abiotic factors. This field has helped us to distinguish between the chemicals that aid in preserving our environment such as water and air as well as the chemicals that act as pollutants to our environment. The fight on global warming is highly contributed by chemists who are in the frontline to make sure the natural beauty and cleanliness of our air and water are on the same side.

Increase in our comfort and luxury

Through chemistry, we have been able to build our comfortable homes using cement and paints. We are also able to enjoy our swimming in the pools at summertime. Besides, it has helped us to manufacture synthetic fibers and dyes that are long lasting as well as easy to clean.

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