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Biology is the study of life. Seems pretty simple on the definition aspect but generally what does it entail? Just by listening to others may change your thinking about the subject. Some may say it is easy yet to others; it is a hard nut to crack. How hard is biology in the real sense? Some of the reasons why biology is so hard are:

Why is Biology So Hard

Why is biology so hard due to Critical thinking

The study requires formal thinkers ready to react to every new concept introduced in the subject. Unfortunately, it is hard to get a classroom full of active thinkers, thus posing to be a challenge. Topics such as cell biology and genetics cover a broad scope of information which requires one to read and articulate the information readily.

The general subject needs the student to have an intelligent ability to memorize and get the facts right. Failure to remember this concept demoralizes the student's morale to learn more.

Why is biology so hard due to Broad topics

This involves a wide range of topics covering a lot of vital information. You get one topic containing several subtopics which poses a threat to an average student who is not ready to take in all the contents. It requires a lot of learning and understanding of all the concepts. This contributes majorly to people avoiding the subject. Chances are 80% of students in college will boycott the subject and classify it as a hard subject.

Why is Biology so hard due to Difficult terminologies

These involve the hard nomenclature used in explaining concepts. Difficulty in pronunciation becomes difficult for some students to understand. Biology being a broad subject contains a lot of hard terminologies in different branches, both plants, and animals, which the student must know in the course of study. Note also the diagrams which are diverse with scientific Latin names that may seem hard to master.

Lack of research

As a science subject, you are required to conduct research activities to further your knowledge. During exam tests, the questions may seem tricky and thus lead you to a state of confusion. The answers are specific and deal with facts; therefore, one needs to have adequate knowledge of the precedent topic. Lack of research may result in uneasiness among students thus fearing the subject.

Enlightenment on the subject

There are instances where students who fail to take up biology as an option in the high school selected biology as a major when joining college. This becomes a big issue since the lack of knowledge on the subject may hinder their understanding. Due to this, the students' progress deteriorates, and it becomes a great challenge. Another challenge is the teacher's lack of full mastery of the topic by the teacher. Some of them rely only on textbook information and may find it difficult when asked questions outside the context.

Boring classroom

It involves the participation of students in classrooms and lecture halls. A situation where students ask no questions becomes a contributing factor to biology being hard. This asserts that the students lack interest in the subject and moreover are not willing to learn more about it.

Most cases, you'll find students are content with what the lecturer or teacher provides and don't bother to research more on the concept taught. Biology requires a lot of outdoor activities and experiments as studies theory and the environment. Lack of such practices contributes to the boredom of the subject, thus terming it as a hard subject.

Poor teaching skills

As explained in the previous point, the participation of the teacher is crucial in understanding biology. The lecturer or teacher requires certain traits to influence the students' attitude towards the subject effectively. Poor communication skills pose a big threat to articulating the subject.

An inaudible speaker is not likely to command a good reception from the students. Chances are some students start dozing off due to poor communication skills. If the not taught well, definitely the subject will be hard to understand. Inactive participation in lecture halls also determines the students' attitude towards the subject.

Time of the lesson

The subject covers a lot of information that requires a lot of learning. In this case, you find the time provided is too limited for all the info. Scheduling a few lessons week by week may lead to students forgetting what they learned from the previous lessons. Note the schedule is also crucial. If the lesson is set to start early in the morning, it may attract a low attendance from the students. In hot areas, the lesson scheduled in the afternoon may draw a poor concentration due to climate conditions. Students tend to lazy around, and some end up dozing off during the session.

Overall, it depends entirely on how the students and the teacher handle the subject. Based on the reasons highlighted, you get to articulate the problems surrounding this dogma of why biology is considered to be a hard subject. However, it is best to first resonate the content before making any assumptions. For any queries on college biology help, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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