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It is every student’s dream to have a forthcoming and a well-paying job after spending years of learning in elementary, high school, college or university. Students in math fields are even more on the lookout for more math related careers that are lucrative and passion driven.

One of the main math fields of study is the trigonometry. Trigonometry is the study of triangles and angles and the interrelationship between them.

Will trigonometry make me rich? What careers do they apply trigonometry in their daily operations? These are some of the questions most of the trigonometry students ask themselves day in day out. If you are a trigonometry student, your chances of being rich are far much higher than you ever knew.

In fact, trigonometry is one of the best fields in the math that every student should indulge in. When trigonometry was first studied in the third century BC, the major application was to understand how a scientist can apply geometry in astronomy. However, over the years, scientists have been applying these trigonometry concepts in many careers that have helped save mankind.

Some of these careers are:


This is one of the main jobs that intensively apply trigonometry functions. The use of cosine and sine functions in medical techniques such as MRI and CAT scanning has helped in the detection of tumors and laser treatments.

Crime scene investigators

Crime scene investigators use the knowledge of trigonometry to determine the entry and exit of the criminal or parties involved in the crime scene.


Calculating the forces and distances of diagonal elements would not have been easy without the use of trigonometry functions. Architecture apply trigonometry functions such as sine to determine the number of certain materials that will be needed in the construction of the building.


The concepts of trigonometry are the key elements of the application in this field. Trigonometry is used to chart paths, determine locations such as how far the plane or the ship is away from the mainland. As a jet fighter pilot, this field is a must learn as it helps save your life through dodging of missiles and other fight related ammunition.

Roller Coaster Designer

Designing a roller coaster is quite a tough career. This is because it needs sufficient knowledge of trigonometry, geometry, and algebra. No wonder there are only 100 roller coasters in the US.

Land surveyor

A land surveyor applies trigonometry functions when determining the distance of land from a river as well as how serious can water-related disasters such as tsunami hit the land.


Whenever we are glued into our TVs or laptops to watch an interesting animation of Pixar studio, we mostly have no idea that the movement of those objects is pure trigonometry. If you have a career dream of creating animations, then trigonometry is the golden path that will lead you to your wealthy destination.


Trigonometry has a wide application in today’s world. The careers mentioned above are just the tip of an iceberg in this field. However, to achieve your trigonometry career success, one of the tricks is to pass highly in your homework and exams. Due to this, you have to seek for trigonometry functions help

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