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What Jobs use algebra? Well, Algebra is a broad subject that has its application in many jobs as well as careers. Algebra is the branch of mathematics that uses symbols and rules that are used to manipulate the symbols which are termed as variables. These variables consist of quantity, time, and distance. The same way a sentence can describe the relationship between certain words; variables are described by the use of equations. Algebra also has numbers which multiply these variables to get viable results.

That well said, the use of algebra in the job world is enormous. Some of these careers in mentioning are construction, business, health, public works, and cooking, among others. Individuals who indulge in these careers should have a deep passion and insight on the knowledge of algebra to make sure that they have done their jobs to the best. A slightly higher level of knowledge can give you a top-notch inclination in promotion than your peers or colleagues. Here are some of the jobs that use algebra to pay you well.

Civil Engineering as one of the answers to what jobs use Algebra

The civil engineers are well known to impact the designing, inspecting and maintaining of the bridges, roads, sewage treatment systems, water supply and tunnels as well as all the construction projects. The use of algebra in these professionals are used to measure how much weight a structure, e.g., roads can hold and withstand high winds, snow, earthquake and other elements in time of national calamities.


Algebra is a useful subject in the medical field. It is highly used to administer drugs, fill prescriptions, and to detect any cardiovascular disease that a patient may have. In detecting the heart diseases, the medical offer will test the volume of blood the patient's heart can pump, the heart rate per minute as well as the amount of the oxygen level in the patient's heart.

Medical officers such as nurses, physicians, and pharmacists are well known to have the best knowledge in algebra when it comes to using that knowledge in measuring the concentrations and effectiveness of drugs that a certain patient may have. They also use algebra to discard any expired drug since they know how long it will take for that drug to lose its value.


This is the basic career field where algebra is highly applied. For a teacher to qualify to teach algebra in high school and college, he or she should have a bachelor's and master's degree in fields such as engineering, business administrations- jobs that effectively make use of algebra.

Business field

Algebra is widely used in the business world in fields such as accounting, finance, banking as well as business operations. The interest rates and time rates in the form of algebraic equations are used by financial planners, lenders, and bankers to calculate the payments of the loans, saving accounts' value as well as the future profits and possible losses of an investment.

The financial officers and the business owners use algebra to set the prices of product to meet a desirable production cost and profit margin. The common algebraic equation that is used by the accountants to effect and track their financial transactions on their businesses is

Assets= Liabilities + Equity


The fitness job is one of the lucrative careers in the US and the rest of the world. Fitness instructors and trainers use algebra to show their customers the proper exercise techniques that will help them build that muscle or loss their weight in an effective way. Algebra is also used in designing exercise programs, goals, and information on weight loss that will help the client to achieve that desired percentage of body-fat. Fitness instructors may also use algebra to determine the amount of diet to the exercise that is needed to achieve as well as maintain the weight loss.


If you want to become the best chef, one should know algebra to understand the number of ingredients that are needed to prepare certain food as well as the number of diners. The algebra matrix is useful to identify food, and it's ingredients and multiply it with the number of the diners of the food. The owners of hotels also use algebra to determine the price of a plate of certain food and the production cost of producing that food.

Plumbers as a simple answer to what jobs use Algebra

Plumbers focuses on working with their hands, which they use algebra in many ways. In the US, for a plumber to acquire a plumbing license, he or she should take some scientific math tests and exams. The use of algebraic equations is important in determining the liquid flow, the pumping equipment force as well as the length and the size of the pipes which can accommodate the factors mentioned above.

Conclusion to what Jobs use Algebra

There are many careers that make use of algebra in their operations. However, the jobs that are mentioned above intensely use algebra. Besides, for one to qualify in those career fields, he or she should take many tests, homework, and exams in algebra. Due to the lack of time, you will be opted to seek for help to "solve my algebra problems".

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