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Math is one of, if not the most fundamental science. Mathematics is a language that is used to explain anything. It is the language that helps us to describe items in terms of their quality. Consider qualities like length or height. It is the language that is used to describe items in terms of their quantity. Consider the volume of liquids. It is the language that helps us to describe duration and time intervals between events. Those are just a few examples to show you that life as we know it starts and ends with mathematics.

Mathematics does not have a single definition, but it can be explained as a science concerned with the study of quantity, structure, shape, space, and change. It is a science that involves counting, measurement, study and the calculation of motions of physical objects.

Math starts from counting or measuring then comparing and manipulating the results using basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These basic operations are progressed into more advanced procedures and formula to define an entity depending on the practical situation in mind. These entities may be speed, acceleration, force, etc.

A mathematician is a person who specializes in the study of mathematics. We all do math in all our activities, but what do actual mathematicians do? What is the relevance of mathematicians today?

Mathematicians are divided into two categories. There are those that specialize in abstract/pure mathematics, and there are those that undertake applied mathematics.

Pure mathematicians study previously established mathematical phenomena and theories with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding and advancing the principles that are instrumental in furthering scientific and engineering advancements.

Pure mathematicians spend most of their time conducting extensive research on logic and abstract technicalities within existing mathematical laws, challenging them or finding new ways to prove the relationship between these mathematical principles.

In simple terms, a pure mathematician spends his time developing relationships and new formulae that will be used by applied mathematicians to advance scientific developments or create economic and business principles that help organizations to run effectively. People typically view pure mathematics as a useless branch of mathematics because pure mathematicians concentrate on abstract principles and theorems without practical consideration, but the opposite is true.

Every advancement in applied mathematics started from a relationship that was established by a pure mathematician. Pure mathematicians solve actual problems by pursuing the deep-seated root of the abstract principle that has brought about the issue.

Applied mathematics is the broader branch of mathematics as it involves the application of mathematical principles and theories to solve practical problems in the ordinary day world. The segments of applied mathematics are endless; hence it is easier to categorize them into the most common industries; Business, Medicine, Engineering and technology, construction and social sciences.

Math in Business and Finance

Every business regardless of the type is concerned about making profits, and hence they hire mathematicians like accountants and financial controllers to manage their resources, maintain the benefits, and handle employee salaries and other activities.

Banks, insurance companies, investment companies, and other financial institutions hire actuaries and financial experts who use sophisticated models and complex computational models to offer financial and business solutions to individuals and corporations.

Math in Medicine

In medicine, mathematicians are used together with microbiologists and Epidemiologists to conduct research and apply advanced computational methods to maintain disease outbreaks and together with pharmacists use sophisticated techniques to develop new medication to help in the medical industry.

Engineering and technology

All branches of engineering are dependent on the principles of mathematics and physics. Electronic and computer engineers go the extra mile to study advanced mathematics to understand machine language (binary) for programming. Mechanical engineers study advanced level mathematics in topics like speed, rotational motion, and navigational methods. Environmental engineers study advanced analytics of quantities to conduct active research on factors concerning the environment.


Mathematicians in the construction industry include architects, civil engineers, and quantity surveyors. Architects study advanced geometry and trigonometry. They develop architectural drawings based on accurate mathematical measurements and theories like the Pythagoras theorem. Civil engineers perform complex mathematical calculations of weight, force, tension, and tensile strength on construction materials to ensure structures constructed are stable and intact.

Math in Social sciences

Mathematicians like statisticians are used in the collection of demographic data for various purposes. They use advanced statistical methods to analyze the data collected to provide information concerning factors like health, infrastructure, and development, etc. Government institutions mostly use this information for planning and management.

The question of what a mathematician does is not a simple one to answer, because as we have seen a mathematician researches new things, supports and builds new technology, analyzes businesses and predicts outcomes, builds and constructs structures and numerous other things. The only way to summarize it all is that mathematician solves problems.

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