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Trigonometry is an ancient subject that is used to explain and find the lengths, angles, and heights of different triangles. Trigonometry came from the word “trigo,” which means trigonometry. The origin and development of trigonometry can be traced back in 14th Century with Hipparchus of Nicaea been the founding father of trigonometry in the Ancient Greek nation.

Trigonometry was first developed by the driving force of astronomy and geography. Today the application of trigonometry has become diverse as scientists use the knowledge of trigonometry to develop the advanced tools of daily benefits. Here are some of the applications of trigonometry in real life situations.

Measuring the heights of mountain or building

Whenever the values of the angle of depression and the length of one side are known, it is easier to apply trigonometry to solve for the height of that mountain. In case of finding the height of a certain building, architecture and constructors can apply the theorems of trigonometry to solve the challenge.


Trigonometry is extensively used in the music industry to measure the lengths of the sound waves. Sound waves are amplified by the computers to produce the right pitch and volume that affect music by the use of trigonometry postulations.


Trigonometry is highly applicable in areas of constructions such as the installation of ceramic floor tiles, inclination of the roof, determining the sizes of areas and lots, determining whether the walls should be perpendicular or parallel and measuring the length, height and width of a wall.

Construction experts can also use trigonometry to solve the problem of structural load, ground surface and roof slopes with ease.


Trigonometry is the key subject used in navigation. The compass used by the navigation crew of a ship is an essential tool that uses the concept of trigonometry to set a direction of the ship movement as well as to pinpoint a location. Nevertheless, when the navigation experts need the see the horizon, they truly find trigonometry as an essential field of application.

Flight engineering

Flight engineering is a well-versed course that applies the knowledge of trigonometry in its operations. Trigonometry postulations in this field are commonly used to determine the speed of the flight, the direction that the wind is blowing, the distance needed by the plane to travel which uses the vectors that are solved by trigonometry.


Trigonometry is a highly valuable component of vectors which form the basic model of electromagnetic and physical waves. To find the oscillations and the sum of these electromagnetic fields’ strengths, trigonometry is applied with precision. Trigonometry is also used in projectile motion as well as to dot and cross products in physics.


Archeologists are also the custodians of trigonometry. They significantly use trigonometry to divide up their excavation sites to work effectively. This field of mathematics is also valuable when measuring how far the site from an underground system of water is.


Although mentioned last in this article, geography is the driving factor that helped to develop spherical trigonometry. It was used in ancient times for astronomical observations. Although the function of the spherical trigonometry has been replaced by linear algebra, it still stands as the key field that has applied the knowledge of trigonometry over the centuries.

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