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Statisticians spend most of their days working to find answers to problems in fields such as education, medicine, marketing, and business. The subject enables the data analysts to create surveys and experiments to find out situations like how popular a television show is or how effective a particular drug is.

A statistics degree, be it a bachelor or masters, is crucial in this modern-day and age. The subject involves complex information with a multitude of data that requires one to articulate. Despite its complexity, students enjoy a vast range of job opportunities to choose from. Below are some of the ideas of what you can do with a statistics degree.

Research Assistant

Comprehensive knowledge of the subject aids during research. The students are able to apply statistical information in developing and collecting numerical data. Research scientists use the info during analysis and implementation of the work.

With a degree in statistics, you can work for the government agencies as a mathematical statistician or an assistant in research. It also helps in carrying out a particular research agenda. Generally, you can get a slot in the social science category like the laboratories.

Actuarial Analyst

Another job opportunity that a statistics degree offers is being an analytical analyst. You are likely to find them in the insurance industries. They use statistical models to analyze data and calculate the probability and costs associated with particular events like accidents, injuries, and so forth. They use the results to design and price insurance policies.

Actuarial analysts also estimate the likelihood of catastrophic events. They not only feature in insurance industries but also can be found in financial institutions. They are responsible for designing the investment and pension plans.

In some cases, they help businesses lower their insurance premiums by reducing the exposure of risk. Analytical analysts also perform data analysis and statistical modeling and present findings to senior executive or clients.

Teaching Assistant

A statistical degree supports learning activities in schools. Statistics information is relevantly seen while preparing classrooms for lessons, setting up art equipment, and preparation of computers. With a bachelor’s degree, you can be a statistics teacher in the primary and high school level. An addition of a master’s degree can allow you to lecture in the higher education levels, which are universities and colleges.


Statisticians interpret data and communicate results to their clients, often with the help of mathematical techniques and software. You get the opportunity to learn more about the data. In turn, statisticians use statistical information to suggest remedies and solution to problems that may arise.

They also use the statistical methods to collect and analyze data and help solve the real-world issues faced in other fields such as business and health care department. You can also advise policymakers on crucial decisions based on results.

Another role of a statistician is to provide algorithmic muscle to the machine learning engineer and data scientist products. They are the oldest of professions that deal with the overall data science ecosystem, and most of the other data science careers are offshoots of statistics.

Marketing Analyst

This is among the most demanding fields in this day and age. A market analyst thoroughly examines any relevant info that may help the company to make informed decisions of market tactics in the most profitable way. They focus on reducing the risks related to a marketing project.

Another significant role is they gather info and examine buying trends to develop successful marketing plans. Among the responsibilities of marketing, an analyst is to monitor competitors marketing activities, communicate with customers and competitors to get information on the trends in the industry.

Aside from examining the data, they provide a detailed report on sales volumes, the experience of customers, the trends in the market and the outcomes from competitors with the help of business intelligence data.

Statistics Programmer

With a major in statistics and computer science, you can become a statistics programmer. The programmers write and test codes that allow computer applications and software programs to function correctly. Get an opportunity to turn program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow.

Mathematics Tutor

Statistics can be classified as a math subject. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you can assist students in improving their math skills, either individually or in a group. Along the way, you are likely to interact with students and evaluate their skill progression identifying the weak areas that require improvement.

Data Consultants/ Management Consultants

One can also choose to be a data or management analyst. You get to propose the appropriate ways to improve the efficiency of an organization. Management analysts advise managers on how to make organizations more profitable via reduced costs and increased revenues.

Ultimately, students taking statistics do not need to worry. With the vast job opportunities, you are likely to enjoy your degree regardless of the field you choose. You can learn more about the opportunities it offers by contacting us today. Get in touch with us if you need a statistics homework solver or any query regarding the topic.

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