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Are you a math student who did not understand the trigonometric concept that your instructor was teaching in class? Are you not sure how to solve trigonometric equations that your teacher gave you for your homework, or are you a student who is trying to grasp the concept of trigonometry ratios in a hard way?

If you are one of the students who can ascertain to one of the questions mentioned above then you are at the right click because this article is about to change your trigonometry grades forever. With the help of our trigonometry professors, we have written this article with a full package mentality to help you understand the tricks that have been used for decades by top students to solve their trigonometry equations.

First things first,

How to Solve Trigonometry Equations by Understanding the trigonometry table and the solving concept

When you understand the basic concepts of solving a trigonometric equation, it is easier to solve all other trigonometric equations in your homework. Having in-depth knowledge of trigonometric table is another step forward since you will refer to it when the need to remember trigonometry table arise. The basic trigonometry equations are:

  • Sin x= a
  • Cos x= a
  • Tan x= a
  • Cot x= a
  • How to Solve Trigonometric Equations by Transforming the assigned trigonometric equation to the basic trigonometric equation

    By using common algebraic transformation such as polynomials, factoring, and common factorization as well as the known trigonometric identities and definitions, you will be able to transform that hard trigonometric equation to a basic one making it easy to solve.

    Identify angles with known trigonometry function

    To fully comprehend trigonometry, you need to understand how to use trigonometry table or a calculator to convert angles of a known trigonometry function. For example, when using a calculator, you can solve for cos x=0.732 which will give you an answer of 42.95 degrees.

    Graph the angles identified on a trigonometry unit circle using arcs

    After finding the angles of known trigonometry function, graph them to show a pictorial solution.


  • 2 cos x + sin 2x =0
  • Finding the solution

  • Sin 2x= 2 (sin x) (cos x)
  • Cos x+2 (sin x) (cos x)
  • 2 cos x (sin x+1) =0
  • Cos x = 0 | (sin x + 1) =0
  • Learn the approaches that are used to solve trigonometry problems

    If the trigonometry equation is simple and contains only one trigonometry function, solve it using the basic trigonometry equations. In case it is of multiple trigonometry functions, here are some of the approaches that you can use,

  • Transforming the trigonometric equation into a product form
  • Transform the equation into one trigonometry equation with a variable that represents a trigonometry function
  • Understand the periodic properties of trigonometric functions

    When we say that trigonometry functions are periodic, we mean that they all come on the same value after a single periodic rotation. Here is a simple way to elaborate this:

    f(x)=sin x has a period of 2Pi

    f(x)=tan x has a period of Pi etc.

    Whenever your instructor specifies a period, you will only need to find the angles within this specified period. Solving trigonometric equations can be challenging, especially when you are a first learner. However, at wagedprofessors.com, we offer the best quality in trigonometry homework help. Contact us today and reclaim your discounted quote.

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