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Agriculture is the backbone of the world’s economy. It is vital to human beings as it is an essential source of food. Therefore what is agriculture? It is the practice of rearing livestock and producing crops from the natural resources of the earth. On the other hand, chemistry is a branch of science that is majorly concerned with the organic and inorganic compounds. So what is the role of chemistry in agriculture?

Chemistry plays a vital role in integrating agriculture at cellular levels. Due to this, it has advanced agriculture in producing organic products using both the organic and inorganic inputs. This relationship has primarily led to a foundation of modern agriculture activities such as soil chemistry, agronomy, horticulture, and many more. Here are some of the roles of chemistry in agriculture.

Role of chemistry in agriculture when producing Pesticides and insecticides

Active research in chemistry has facilitated the advancement of pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals aid in minimizing the damages caused by pests to crops. The extensive research has facilitated the development of safer and cleaner chemicals that not only protect the plants from pests but also increase the yield production.

Insecticides, on the other hand, reduce the spread of diseases in livestock by killing insects that cause distress to livestock. However, they are designed to kill specific insects. Some of the chemicals are useful in livestock feeds and the growing crops that are prone to destruction from insects.

Existence of fertilizers

These are the materials, either natural or of synthetic origin, added to the soil to supply nutrients that are essential to growing plants. Fertilizers can either be organic or inorganic materials. Organic materials result from decomposed remains of living organisms or animal manure. They are less complicated and have a high concentration of chemicals. Inorganic materials originate from scientific processes such as the Haber-Bosch where ammonia is produced.

Role of chemistry in agriculture during Photosynthesis

First and foremost, without photosynthesis, the planet could not sustain any life. Therefore what is photosynthesis? It is the process whereby plants make their food with the aid of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. Research in chemistry has helped farmers to understand this mechanism. Thus it has pioneered the maximization of production.

Food processing

In-Depth knowledge of chemistry has led to the development of sweeteners such as minerals and vitamins. It enhances the appearance, flavors, and nutritional value of food. The study has also trail blazed the advancement of technology in improving the quality of food.

Agricultural Wastes

Agricultural wastes are rich in carbohydrates and nitrogen that represent a largely untapped reservoir of biomass. Therefore with the advancement in chemistry, it has facilitated the development of technologies that aid in producing a variety of chemicals present in the wastes. Compounds such as ethanol are useful in providing energy for industries.

Chemistry has been and is still closely connected to the progress in the agricultural sector. It encourages innovative ways to widen the boundaries of agriculture and to combat potential problems and hence increasing productivity and the quality of produce. Feel free to contact us today for your chemistry homework help and any queries related to the subject.

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