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Trigonometry is quite an overwhelming subject that needs a clear understanding of its postulations and theorems. This field of mathematics revolves around angles and the sides of the triangle. By understanding how to calculate trigonometric ratios such as Sines, cosines and tangent, you will easily find the solutions to basic trigonometric angles and sides of a common triangle. That well said we are going to break down a procedural formula that will help you on how to remember the trigonometry table or the SOHCAHTOA without any hassle. That’s why it is of significance to read this article till the end.

How to Remember the Trigonometry Table by Finding the trigonometric ratios of the triangle’s angles

The first thing to put in mind is to find the trigonometric ratios of the common angles in that triangle. Hence the question, how will I find these ratios? Don’t worry; our trigonometry experts have broken it down to you in a few steps for simple understanding.

Draw a blank trigonometry table with 6 rows and 6 columns

For the first column, insert the trigonometric ratios. The trigonometric ratios are

  • Sine
  • Cosine
  • Tangent
  • Cosecant
  • Secant
  • Cotangent
  • Subsequently, for the first column, put down the common trigonometry angles, i.e., 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°. The most commonly used ratios of trigonometry are Sines, cosine, and tangent, for the benefit of fully understanding trigonometric table, it is important to learn more about secant, cotangent and cosecant.

    Fill the Sine column

    The expression √x/2 is most used to find the values of the sine column. By using this expression, you can calculate the sine values of the common trigonometric angles mentioned above. The simplest way to find the sine values is by taking the angle and equating the x value to that angle and solving it using √x/2. Make sure to fill in all the values of angles in that column.

    Fill in the Cosine Column

    To find the cosine values in the cosine column, it is the easiest task in all process. Fill in the entries by reversing the values in the sine column. This is due to the mathematics fact that sin x° = cos (90-x) °.

    Find the values of the tangent column

    Mathematically speaking, the formula for finding the tangent values is

  • Tangent= Sine/ Cosine
  • This means that by dividing the values of x in each row of sine by the cosine values, you will effectively obtain the values of the tangent column.

    Find the value of secant, cosecant and cotangent columns To fill in the columns mentioned above, you need to follow the following tips


  • Secant values, reverse the values in cosine column
  • Cotangent values, reverse values in tangent column
  • Cosecant values; reverse values in sine column
  • How to Remember the Trigonometry Table by Using the SOHCAHTOA method
  • The SOHCAHTOA method is the simplest formula that can be used to find the trigonometry ratios. This is highly used for angles that are in the right triangle. The formula is elaborated as below:

  • Sine= Opposite angle/Hypotenuse angle
  • Cosine= Adjacent angle/ Hypotenuse angle
  • Tangent= Opposite angle/ Adjacent angle
  • Using these methods to remember the trigonometry table can be hard sometimes. However, the easiest trick is to seek for college trigonometry help that will guide you in case of any challenge.

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