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Many college students allude organic chemistry to being a challenging course. One of the reasons is it's a demanding course with a broad scope of content that requires consistent learning. Organic chemistry is a set of classes involving the study of carbon compounds and its general structures and composition. Below are some of the reasons why organic chemistry is so hard.

Memorization and Critical Thinking

Most fields of science require one to either have an exceptional amount of memorization of the course contents or apply critical thinking and advanced problem-solving skills. In this case, it is different. You are required to implement both techniques while learning, which tends to bog down the students. Applying only one of these techniques is not enough in understanding the subject which becomes difficult for most students.

Poor study plan

A proper study plan elaborates on the convenient ways of studying the subject and the schedule devoted to learning. Most students begin their study without any clue of how to start and the time to be dedicated during the study. Due to this, they become uncertain about when to stop, and most cases fail to understand the contents due to poor studying habits. Failure to get that convenient study plan makes it hard to articulate the precedent.

Insufficient time

The subject covers a wide scope of contents from molecular theories to a vast number of reactions. All these require a substantial amount of time devoted by the student to articulate them. As a result, it becomes a problem as the time required for this course tends to conflict with other subjects, which bogs down the student's morale towards the topic.

The belief that the subject is hard

The student's beliefs primarily determine any success of a subject. The funny aspect about organic chemistry is most students often comment on how hard it is. A negative picture of the topic dramatically contributes to its difficulty. A situation where students fail to understand some contents or subtopics, they will readily accept the dogma without putting the necessary effort required. With this in mind, the subject is likely to be termed as hard.

New to the subject

Upon completion of high school, students get to choose new courses in college. As a result, some of them end up choosing courses that they never learned in high school. Organic chemistry is a vast field with complex content to the newbie and thus is likely to face a hard time articulating all the info. Therefore one will be required to devote a lot of time, which is a hard task for the student. This, in turn, discourages the student from learning more of the topic.

Teaching style

Organic chemistry is a branch of science that not only deals with theoretical approaches but also requires a lot of experimentation. Situations where students only get to learn indoors without performing experiments becomes a hard task in understanding some concepts.

As can be seen, different approaches can be adapted to smoothen the ride of organic chemistry. Having the best study plan will enable you to know the amount of time sufficient for study and the proper study formula that suits you. Feel free to contact us anytime for any organic chemsitry help and more info.

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