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Chemistry is an age-old science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various necessary forms of matter. Organic and inorganic chemistry have an overlapping relationship as sub-disciplines of chemistry. The difference between organic and inorganic chemistry will be explained later on in this article.

What Is Inorganic Chemistry

This is a field in chemistry that studies compounds that do not have carbon-hydrogen atoms. Some of the substances that lack carbon-hydrogen bonding are metals, salts, and chemical materials. This discipline examines their behavior, properties, physical and chemical features. Inorganic compounds are classified in:

  • Acids. These are compounds which dissolve in water and produce hydrogen ions.
  • Bases. They produce hydroxyl ions when put in water.
  • Salts. They are the end products resulting from an acid and base reaction.
  • Oxides. These are inorganic compounds that consist of only one oxygen atom.
  • What is Organic Chemistry?

    This is a discipline in chemistry that is concerned with the study of molecules containing carbon compounds. It plays a vital role in the study of elements found in living things. These compounds can be in solid, liquid, or gaseous state. This field falls under the following classifications.

  • Open chain compounds; they are also called Acyclic compounds. They may have branched or straight chains.
  • Alicyclic compounds; they are well known as closed chain compounds. These compounds contain carbon atoms that are linked together in a ring.
  • Aromatic compounds; these are special compounds that include benzene.
  • Heterocyclic aromatic compounds; these are compounds where one or more of the carbon atoms in the backbone of the molecule have been replaced by an atom other than carbon.
  • Differences Between the Two Branches of Chemistry

    The main difference between these fields is organic chemistry deals with all structures that contain the carbon compounds while inorganic chemistry is quite selective. It studies all compounds which do not have carbon-hydrogen atoms in their compositions.

    Another crucial aspect to consider is the type of bonds that hold together the molecules present in the compounds. According to organic compounds, the kind of bond linking the particles is covalent bond due to the presence of carbon atoms while on the other hand inorganic compounds are held together by ionic bonds.

    Both branches are involved in similar kinds of chemical reactions. However, each field specializes in its unique process. The organic chemistry reactions involved are addition, elimination, substitution, pericyclic, photochemical, redox, and rearrangement reactions. Inorganic chemistry explores reactions such as decomposition, combination, single displacement and double displacement reactions.

    Last but not least, inorganic and organic chemistry have differences in their applications in the world we live in. Knowledge in organic chemistry helps one to understand the structure of biological materials and how they can be affected when they interact with other compounds whereas inorganic chemistry gives us the understanding of structures and characteristics of abiotic elements.

    The fields are complex and broad, but there is no doubt that they are fascinating. Organic and inorganic chemistry can be opposites, but when applied together, they can be used to create new products. Are you in need of a chemistry answer solver? Look no further; we got you covered. Feel free to contact us today for assistance.

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