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Nuclear chemistry is a sub-discipline of chemistry that studies elements, both chemical and physical properties, and monitors how the changes in the structure of the atomic nucleus affect the matter. These changes are the source of radioactivity and nuclear power. In other words, this chemistry is designed to perform nuclear processes.

The subject matter is considered an interdisciplinary field as it plays a critical role in solving problems relating to other subjects. Its impacts are seen from the vast phenomena of the universe to the diagnostic tests in the health sector. It is also involved in the study of the chemical effects that results from materials such as living organisms and plants getting in contact with radiation.

Most atomic nuclei are radioactive. Thus upon it decomposing, it results in the formation of different cores. The process of radioactive decay emits in three different types.

Types Of Radioactive Decay

Alpha decay is a type of radioactive decay where an unstable atomic nucleus dissipates excess energy emitting the alpha particles. As a result, it transforms into a different core with the atomic number reduced by two while the mass number is reduced by four.

Beta decay is a type of natural radioactivity whereby the atomic nucleus spontaneously decays to emits beta particles to become more stable.

Gamma rays are the electromagnetic radiations that arise from the decay of the atomic nuclei. They are more like X-Rays. They are the most energetic forms of beams that are the highest protons energy and consist of short electromagnetic waves.

Fields Of Nuclear Chemistry

Aside from what nuclear chemistry means, several fields try to explain this discipline. The major areas that link to the subject include the following.

Radiochemistry in nuclear chemistry

It is also known as modern nuclear chemistry. This is a field of chemistry that deals with radioactive substances. Radiochemistry is very important as it uses the radioactive isotopes of elements to study the properties and chemical reactions of the non-radioactive isotope.

Nuclear power in nuclear chemistry

With a piece of in-depth knowledge in radiochemistry and atomic chemical engineering, it plays a crucial role for thorium and uranium fuel precursors synthesis, the treatment and storage of radioactive wastes and also monitors the radioactive materials released during the reactor operation.

Radiation chemistry

As the name suggests, it is a subfield of chemistry that studies the chemical effects of radiation on materials. Radiation chemistry and radiochemistry seem to be similar, but that is not the case. One thing to note is, it does not require radioactivity in the matter. Radiation is the only thing needed during the process of changing the material.

Nuclear reactions in nuclear chemistry

It is understood merely as a combination of radiation chemistry and radio-chemistry. This field studies reactions of the atomic nucleus such as nuclear fission and nuclear fussion. It involves changes in identity and features of an atomic nucleus as a result of a collision with another particle.

As can be seen, the broad scope of the subject emancipates all other disciplines and contributes significantly towards solving problems. In-depth knowledge of nuclear chemistry has guided the great minds in innovations of high technologies and measures that not only are beneficial to the world today, but also the future to come. Are you in need of a suitable website that does chemistry problems for you? Well worry no more, contact us today for prompt help.

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