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The geometry of a molecule relies on the reactivity, color, biological activity and polarity of the molecule. It can be given in two different forms that are either the electron geometry or molecular geometry. In this article, you will learn about the differences between molecular geometry and electron geometry. You can as well seek for a geometry solver today by simply contacting us for prompt assistance.

Molecular Geometry

This refers to the shape of a molecule predicted by considering only the bond electron pairs. In molecular geometry, the atoms in a little space are arranged in the form of three dimensions which minimizes the lone bond repair, the bond-bond repulsion, and the lone pair repulsion. In this situation, the lone electron pairs are not taken into account, and moreover, the double and triple bonds are considered as single bonds.

Positions can be predicted by imagining that all groups of electrons move as far as possible, whether they are non-bonding pairs of electrons or bonding pairs or groups of electrons also known as multiple bonds. This explains why molecules with a similar number of atoms and electrons often accommodate the same geometry.

A variety of spectroscopic methods and diffraction techniques can determine molecular geometry. Microwave, IR, and Raman spectroscopy are good examples that help to provide info on the geometry of molecules from the electromagnetic and rotational oscillation frequency details spotted by these methodologies.

Electron Geometry

It is explained as the shape of a molecule that is predicted through consideration of both the lone electron and bond electron pairs. In electron geometry, the molecule is presumed by the number of valence electron pairs that surround the atom. The Valence Shell Electron Pair Theory, abbreviated, as VSEPR, is used in predicting the molecular geometry.

It asserts that electron pairs located around a particular central atom repel each other, that includes either the non-bonding electrons or the bonding electrons. This concept gives the spatial arrangement of the lone pairs of molecules and the bonds.

The Differences between the Two Concepts

The main difference lies in the molecules. In molecular geometry, it can be determined by the number of bonds that a particular molecule has and it is found by using only the bonds present in the molecule. In electron geometry, it includes the lone electron pairs that are present in an atom, and it is found by taking both the two lone electron pairs and bonds in a molecule.

Molecular geometry describes the arrangement of atoms excluding the lone electron pairs whereas electron geometry describes the mechanism of electron grouping including the lone electron pairs. In molecular geometry, the shape of a molecule is predicted by considering only one bond electron pair while electron geometry, the shape of the molecule is predicted by considering both the lone electron pairs and the bond electron pairs.

In molecular geometry, the number of bonding electron pairs must be calculated and does not consider the lone electron pairs whereas, in electron geometry, the number of the total electron pairs must be calculated and it includes the lone electron pairs.

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