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Are you looking for what to do with a math degree? Many companies are dependent on mathematicians and are always out seeking math majors every day. This article will get you started with the 30 important jobs for a mathematics degree.

30 Hints on What to Do with A Math Degree

Financial analyst

As a financial analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing financial information and predicting business and economic trends for the company depending on the type of organization.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are mathematicians that handle vast amounts of numerical data collected by organizations and use algorithms and complex formula to convert it into information that is helpful to organizations.


Meteorologists use mathematical models and computerized systems to predict and forecast weather and climate patterns for planning and calamity evasions.

Market Researcher

Market researchers gather information on the demand and market trends of a company product and analyses the data to provide crucial information that helps companies make important decisions concerning production, distribution, and product design.

Program analyst

Program analysts analyze organizational systems to establish the needs that are not met by the current technology and use the information they get to help programmers design upgrades to the company's current policy.

Insurance Underwriter

Underwriters analyze the risk of potential clients for insurance companies and decide the extent of coverage and costs that a client will pay to the insurance company considering the risk involved.


Accountants record and analyze all financial transactions that companies make. They ensure that all asset, liability and account information for the company is accounted for while also providing that the company is tax compliant.


Economists make an extensive research on data and statistics to establish economic trends that help companies operate efficiently and make sound financial decisions.


Statisticians deal with the collection of vast amounts of data, analysis, and interpretation of the data for various purposes. They use data collection methods like surveys and statistical methods to interpret the data according to the context of the task at hand.

Investment analyst

Investment analysts use mathematical predictions of business trends to provide information that will help banks and investment companies develop products that are in line with market trends.


As an actuary, you will be hired by banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions to use probability and make predictions that will enable the company to make business decisions concerning some things.

Software engineer

As a software engineer, you will use logic and your mathematical skills to develop programs that will be used on computers and other electronic devices.

Quantity survey

Mathematicians are hired to do quantity surveys because it involves a considerable amount of calculations of the materials and costs at construction sites.


High school and institutions of higher learning always hire mathematicians to tutor their students.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance organizations hire mathematicians to help them perform tests that require mathematical calculations to determine whether products are fit to be in the market.


Cryptographers are hired by organizations like banks and other financial institutions to use complex mathematical formulae and sequences to encode items that require extreme privacy like ATMs.


The logistics industry hires mathematicians to run purchasing, transportation, and warehousing activities. The job requires accurate mathematical inventory and stock checking.

Mathematical physicist

In this career, you will research physical phenomena to develop theories in mathematics and physical sciences.


In aerospace, mathematicians use their skills to solve air and space design problems.

National security analyst

Mathematicians here collect data about past events and use probability to predict significant future activity to prepare the government in cases of tough situations.

Algorithms engineer

By the use of mathematical modeling, mathematicians develop algorithms for software engineering companies.


Auditors perform financial assessments of commercial and public sector organizations for purposes of risk management.

Political science

Mathematicians are hired in political science to assist in predicting the behavior of a group of people.

Operations management( Best idea of what to do with a math degree)

Mathematicians are hired in operations management to aid in planning, controlling, and designing business operations after performing calculations based on company needs.

Inventory control specialist

Industries and factories hire inventory control specialists to use computerized systems and mathematical methods to monitor a vast amount of items.

Mathematical consultant

These are Mathematicians who are hired by organizations to conduct research and use mathematical techniques to solve problems in different fields.

Numerical analyst

Similar to the data analyst, a numerical analyst is hired to use advanced mathematical methods to solve monetary problems in financial institutions or perform risk management duties in other organizations.


One simple idea of what to do with a math degree is to be a topologist. Topologists are pure mathematicians who study objects, abstract or actual, that is preserved through deformations. Objects like ellipses, geoids, etc.

Bio mathematician

What to do with a math degree? Be a Bio mathematician. Bio mathematicians collect analyze biological data and create algorithms for scientists and to use and draw conclusions about biological entities.

Environmental mathematician

Environmental mathematicians perform quantitative research and analysis on elements of the environment to solve environmental problems with the assistance of environmental engineers.

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