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Managerial accounting which is also known as management accounting is a branch of accounting that uses the strategies of the cost accounting to identify, measure, analyze and interpret the company's financial information with the aim of helping the management to make the decision of the company as well as to manage the daily operations.

Unlike the financial accounting and cost accounting, managerial accounting aims in providing a concrete process for internal decisions.

Techniques in Managerial Accounting

For a successful management accounting, there are some of the strategies that have to be put into place to make the process running. In other words, management relies on some of strategies or techniques which help management accountants to achieve their goals. These techniques include:

Forecasting and trend analysis

Forecasting and trend analysis are techniques that are highly useful in management accounting. Forecasting is a technique that helps to recognize unusual variances as well as the reasons why the variances have occurred in the financial statements.

These values have high potentials of forecasted values. Trend analysis is mainly aimed to identify the current patterns or trends of costs of the products such as the production cost, sales costs, labor costs, and overheads among others.

Constraints analysis

Constraint analysis is significant for analysis of lines of production of a certain business. This technique helps in identifies the setbacks or the major bottlenecks as well as the inefficiencies, which have resulted from these bottlenecks. It also studies the impact that these bottlenecks have on the company in the line of revenues and profits generation.

Capital budgeting in Managerial Accounting

Capital budgeting involves the calculations of NPV (net present value) and IRR (internal rate of return) which helps the company managers to make new decisive decisions on the expenditure of the capital.

Margin Analysis in Managerial Accounting

Margin analysis is one of the fundamental management accounting technique that is popularly used by many management accountants. This technique puts into considerations the incremental benefits that are associated with an increase in production.

The marginal analysis aims at using the calculations of the breakeven point to determine the maximum or optimal sale mix of the products or services of a company.

Product Costing and Inventory Valuation

Product costing is generally useful in the calculation as well as the allocation of overhead charges which is used to assess the direct costs associated with the cost of goods sold. The inventory valuation technique mainly identifies and analyze ha actual costs that are associated with the inventor and products of a company.

Performance Evaluation

The main reason for management accounting is to offer a room for internal decision making. This is well established with a better evaluation of the entire company is performing. Management accountants check the performances of each department as well as that of every individual in those departments.

Questions common in this study is how well does a division of the company use a company asset to increase profit? This evaluation is based on the compensation that is given to the managers on the divisions that they manage.

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