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Whether English is your first language or you are learning for the first time, the pronunciation of words in the English language is very central. People who speak the English language have very different accents depending on what part of the world they came. Learning how to improve English pronunciation does not mean that you have to do away with your accent. It simply means learning how to correctly say English words how they are supposed to be said. Below are some tips that anyone could use on how to improve English pronunciation.

How to Improve English Pronunciation by Listening

This is the most effective way of learning how to pronounce different words. Listening to a native speaker could let you know how each word is pronounced. If you are not sure about a precise pronunciation, you could look up the word on Google and play the audio pronunciation to hear how it is pronounced. You can also learn by listening to English podcasts, music or movies.

How to Improve English Pronunciation by Paying Attention to Your Lip and Mouth Movement

The movement of the lips and mouth determines how we pronounce each word. If you move your lips and mouth correctly, then you will not have a problem in pronouncing the words. Make yourself familiar with the rules of pronunciation before you begin practicing.

How to Improve English Pronunciation by Recording Yourself as You Practice

You can read out loud passages from books and articles and record yourself on your phone. This will help you to listen and watch out for any mispronunciations that you may not notice when speaking.

It will also enable you to compare your pronunciations with that of ea English native speaker or Google to yours. You can make corrections and record yourself over and over again until you can pronounce it well enough.

How to Improve English Pronunciation by Using Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are made of words that have almost the same pronunciations. Practicing using these will enable you to know the difference in pronunciations of words which almost sound the same. Practice and improve your speed while saying them as you advance.

Learn How to Use Intonations and Stresses When Pronouncing

By adding intonations and stress to words, you can differentiate between same words that have different meanings due to stressing of different parts of that word. An example of this stress is in the word contest, whereby the word changes meaning with different importance and intonations. If you stress the first part, it means a competition while highlighting the last section, and it changes the meaning to disagree on a particular issue.

Consult Online Sources

There are loads of reference books online that are full of everything you need to know about different words and their pronunciations. You can refer to these sites that will help you to master pronunciations like a pro.


Practicing pronunciations will help you to learn fast. You can make use of your spare time to use the dictionary to look up how you should say different words. You can ask a friend to listen to you as you practice as they might hear wrong pronunciations that you may not notice whatsoever.

Do not forget to learn the meanings of these words as you carry on with your practice. Take a few minutes of your day each day to practice. Remember to reward yourself when you get a new word right.

Listen to Audios

Audios in podcasts or music may be of great help in your learning progress. It is a fun way of learning to pronounce new words as it breaks the monotony of reading books and newspapers. Listening to audios may not necessarily help determine the correct pronunciations, but it may paint a picture of how English is supposed to be spoken.

Take Notes

Make a diary that will help you track your progress. Write down areas that are giving you a hard time and consult your professor or a colleague who will help you in solving them. Set goals, and once you achieve them, it will be a motivation for you to go on.

Find a Practice Buddy

Find a native speaker to be your practice buddy. They most likely will help you pronounce words more efficiently than other people will. If you cannot find a native speaker, do not worry, find a friend who will help you learn new words and you may help each other practice. A practice buddy will correct you when you are not saying word right.

Learning the English language can be a tedious and exhausting job. It is one of the most robust languages to master. Gaining knowledge of the correct way to pronounce words is vital if you want to sound eloquent.

Also if you are a native speaker, do not be mortified when you find out that you have been pronouncing a word the wrong way for a long time, take it as an opportunity correct yourself and learn. Do you feel stuck with your assignment? Feel free to contact us for English assignment help.

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