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Mathematics appears as a difficult subject for most people in their learning career. Because of the demanding nature of the discipline, most people end up disliking the subject because they have not found the right way to comprehend or easily understand the concepts that are encompassed in mathematics. Mathematics is, however, an easy subject to pass if you have the right idea of studying it. Learning how to study the subject the right way will help more students get better grades. This action would in turn help improve on how to study math in college.

This article is going to explore the simple ways that one can employ to improve their math grade and maybe score an A or an A- at the very least.

How to Become Brilliant in Math and score an A

The first step to becoming brilliant in math is to know your weak points. Go through all the mathematics exam papers that you have done to evaluate the topics that you are strongest at and the topics that you are weak at. You will establish this by analyzing the kind of questions that you get the most marks in and the questions that you get the least marks in.

If you do not have access to the papers that you have previously been examined with, then you can look for new examination papers of the equivalent academic level and attempt to solve the problems. Note the questions that you freely flow through and their topics as the ones that you are good in and the challenging questions and their topics as the ones that you need to get better at.

How to Study Math in College By Identifying The Areas You Are Good At

After you have identified the areas or sections that you are good in and the ones that you are no good in then you need an attack strategy. You should note that by now the hardest part is already done because you have previously identified where the problem is. My favorite approach is to deal with the most intrusive and the hardest part first. Hence the analogy, eat the frog first.

How to Study Math in College By Doing a Research

Extensively read and research on the topic that you are weakest at. If for example if the topic is differential or integral equations, you should start by brushing up on the earlier topics that lead up to integral and differential equations.

Topics in that category would include linear algebra and quadratic equations. When you get the flow of algebra, linear and quadratic equations, you can build up to the techniques and approaches that are used in solving differential and integral equations.

When you have handled the topics that are most difficult to you, take time and read the topics that you know you are good at. This should not take you a lot of time since you already know most of the things that you are going through. It is some refresher so that you make sure that you do not let anything slip your mind when it comes to the time that you are sitting in the exam room.

Once you have read the things that are difficult to you and the things that you find easy, now you have to develop a trick to ensure that you get the most marks out of the paper that you are about to sit for. There is a tiny point in reading and knowing a lot if you cannot harvest that into perfect grades.

I have found that the best strategy to use is to study previous examinations to take note of the question structure and the examination paper structure. Examination papers are typically structured into sections with some sections having more marks than others.

Some sections have compulsory questions while others have questions that you can pick and choose the ones to do and the ones not to do. If you can get three or more previously examined papers, you will undoubtedly know how the topics are distributed and fitted into the exam. Once you have this information, you will be able to plan how to harvest the most marks from the exam.

If you can capitalize on the questions that have 10 or 20 percent of the marks you can ensure that even if you do not know the short questions with minor marks, you have already put enough marks in the bag to earn you an A or an A-.

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