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Geometry is a quite challenging subject as it is the study of shapes and angles characterized by which are characterized by a high density of complex postulations, theorems, symbols, and definitions. Hence for a study to pass geometry with flying colors, he or she should have the capacity to grasp these concepts as well as symbol. Understanding this trick of geometry conceptualization will help you attain the desired grades in geometry which boast the overall GPA.

When studying for a geometry test, quiz or even exam, it is essential to have the required geometry attention and strategies as well as a plan that will get you through successfully. This ideology of geometry study success has desired us to put together some of the best and proven study hacks that have seen millions of geometry students around the globe pass highly and achieve their career success even after school. Fortunately, these strategies are lifetime; hence, they do not change. It is also recommendable to put them down on your notebook and keep on revising them to improve your study skills.

How to Study Geometry By Attending all geometry math classes

Class time is the best to understand the geometry subject. As said earlier, geometry is a math of shapes and angles; hence, when you miss a class, it becomes even more complex to grasp it. Class is the best place where you can also strengthen your geometry knowledge by directly asking questions from your teacher or instructor. This will also help other students in the class who have similar issues. It is also advisable to read ahead on the topic that you are going to cover in the class. Grasp all the postulations, concepts, and theorems well. Learn to pay attention to your instructor and avoid every distraction that results from your fellow students. Will time, you will find this act highly valuable to your total grades.

How to Study Geometry By Drawing diagrams for easy understanding

To succeed in geometry, you need to understand how to conceptualize the properties of angles and triangles by drawing the diagrams. It is easier to understand the vertical, corresponding and supplementary angles by drawing the angles whether in a straight line, perpendicular or parallel lines.

How to Study Geometry By Utilizing study groups

Study groups keep you aloof on what you did not understand in the class. It also helps you to explain what you understood best to your friends. Geometry postulations and theorems are not as easy as you may think. However, with the right study group, the subject is made easier since it will help you avoid procrastination of studying geometry.

How to Study Geometry By Learning how to use the essential tool-Protractor

Protractor is the main equipment that is used in geometry to measure angles of a triangle. Understanding how to use the protractor will give you an edge in comprehending complex theorems and postulations of geometry.

How to Study Geometry By Working out all your geometry assignments

Geometry assignments are essential for geometry students because they help them understand a topic that has been taught in class. Also, they help you attain the understanding of the topic that you may not have understood during class time. In case you find a problem with your homework, it is vital to seek help from your teacher or fellow students.

How to Study Geometry By Learning more by teaching the material

When you understand a particular topic, it is important to teach other students who have not understood. This helps you understand more than before by doing thorough research to make sure what you are working on is comprehensive to teach your classmate. In the process, you will be improving your skills.

How to Study Geometry By Working out lots of practical problems

Practice makes perfect. Doing a lot of geometry problems will give you a sight of the topics which you have not well understood. It also helps you know how the texts, quizzes, and exams are set. By practicing this simple geometry study hack, you will find it very easy to get an A grade in your geometry tasks.

Seek for help when the need arise

No one is perfect and sharp to understand every geometry postulations and theorems. That’s why it is important to ask for help where necessary. Asking questions where you do not realize is a sure way to give yourself quick, simple better grades since you are likely to understand even the most complex geometry questions.

How to Study Geometry By Learning the Geometry Concepts

Understand the five postulations of the Euclid’s geometry

Geometry is believed to originate from the Euclid who coined the five theorems that govern the understanding of geometry. That well said it is important to understand these theories especially when you want to boost your grades.

Check and understand the geometry problem symbols

To understand geometry, you have to put in mind that this type of math is characterized by symbols, angles, and different shapes. A small triangle represents the properties of the triangles, while a small line gives a precise clarity of line properties. Besides, three dots that form a triangle like a pattern represents “Therefore.”

Understand the properties of the line

You should be able to understand what vertical, horizontal and parallel lines mean as well as their properties to grasp the geometry concepts which lead to better grades.

Learn a variety of angles and their properties

There are different types of angles in geometry that need quick understanding and clarifications. Comprehending the properties of angles such as right angles, supplementary angles, corresponding angles, and obtuse angles among other types of angles is a sure win in the geometry tests and exams.

Keep the Pythagoras theorem in mind

All the properties of right-angle triangles revolve around the Pythagoras theorem. Hence, when handling the right angle related geometry problems, make sure you understand the rule of Pythagorean Theorem. The formula for Pythagorean Theorem is a2 + b2 = c2 This formula is important when solving for a length of a right angle with known two sides.


SOHCAHTOA is a mnemonic for the calculations of Sine, cosine and tangents. In a shorter version, it means:

  • Sine= Opposite/Hypotenuse
  • Cosine= Adjacent/ Hypotenuse
  • Tangent= Opposite/ Adjacent

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