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Algebra is perceived to be one of the toughest subjects to understand by students across the globe. The main reason why this occurs is that when being introduced mathematics in your elementary school, you realized the arithmetic thinking. As you take a step up the ladder, algebra is introduced, and all you do is have a cold sweat due to the algebra functions that you see your instructor write on the board.

These functions became hard to adapt at the start, but as time goes by, one can seemly understand what is happening. Unfortunately, when the instructor introduces a new fundamental concept in algebra 2, the cycle of fear and overwhelming sensations starts again. But why does this have to happen to most of the math students in the world? To clearly and comprehensively answer this question, we would like to invite you to continue reading this article till the end.

Algebra is quite tough due to its theorems and postulations that underlie it. Here are the concrete reasons why it is hard and some of the solutions that will help you understand it easily.

Algebra tends to combine past knowledge and understanding

To clearly understand, one has to have a deep understanding of the prior math knowledge such as exponents and functions. Most of the students were the best in mathematics while in elementary. But since they did not put too many considerations to such knowledge is vital in their future endeavors.

In high school, college and university, new concepts are introduced which need you to use that long-forgotten math. The student finds it hard to the extent of losing interest. Hence, past knowledge and understanding is vital in working out these advanced calculations.

Ability to understand, do the problem and get the answer right

Algebra equation cannot be solved correctly if the answer is not right. The ability to understand how to solve a question correctly is what many students find complex to do. The background perception that algebra is hard is what brings about this deficiency.

Lack of Logical thinking

Many people think that algebra is all about arithmetic thinking, but that is far from reality. The truth is that even though a student who is good at arithmetic thinking can do well in the algebra field, algebraic thinking is the keynote to understanding algebra. It's all about computation but how well can you apply the postulations of algebra in real-life situations.

Poor arithmetic and algebraic manipulation skills

How good are you in arithmetic? How good are you in manipulating the algebraic problems? This skill is all that is needed to have an easy grasp. Students also experience a false sense of competence that underestimates their knowledge in understanding Algebra. Most students think it's easy to understand without putting in the effort.

Best solutions to make algebra easy to understand

Here are some of the solutions that how algebra professors here at wagedprofessors.com have suggested that have helped thousands of students across the globe. They include:

  • Have a deep understanding of the concepts
  • Do questions daily with consistency
  • Play related games that will improve your understanding
  • Be positive which can be fun
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