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Conservation biology is a discipline in biology that aims in conserving the environment from the destructive activities of human beings. Human beings have been destroying the environment in many ways, which have caused harmful effects to both the plants and other animals. It is unfortunate to say; there is an increasing case of global warming, which has a different impact on the world in general. Urbanization, cultivation, and cutting down of trees are the major causes of these effects. To understand the goals of conservation biology, conservation biologists have been fighting through awareness and media about the impact that this ruthless environmental pollution will have in the next years.

Through the knowledge of the conservation, biologists, and activists understands the distribution of life on the planet, threats that can cause emergence, and how to eliminate these threats. They have helped to identify and protect the endangered species from extinction.


Biodiversity refers to the vast arrays of life that are found in a particular area. This term not only means about the species but also the ecosystem and genetic diversities. The estimation of the world’s species, excluding the bacteria, is believed to be ten million. That means, when the biodiversity is not well protected, the lives of these species are profoundly endangered.

Therefore, when the environment is not well protected, the ecosystem will not be stable. Hence there will be a decrease in food production, air, animal health and lack of clean water.

The threats to biodiversity

Due to an exponential increase in the human population, human beings continue to use world resources at an alarming rate. This has indirectly or directly caused significant threats to the environment. There is a debate that is going on that whether to control the biodiversity human being should control the expanding numbers of birth in a society. There is a purpose for equitable distribution of natural resources to the world and reduction of how the wealthy countries consume these natural resources which can effectively control the biodiversity.

The primary reason why we should conserve our biodiversity is the threat of habitat loss. That’s why; necessary measures should be put into consideration to preserve the habitat. It is a bit shocking that the destruction of their habitat causes 81% of the endangered species in tropical forests. This habitat has been replaced by ranches, roads, railways, airports among others.

Another threat is environmental pollution is Industrial waste, sewage and the agricultural runoff causes air and water pollution, which is a threat to the aquatic life. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees with replacement. This has caused a lot of tree species to extinct hence threatening the lives of organisms that live in these forests. Some causes of deforestation are the need to clear an area for cultivation and construction of shelter. Deforestation has also caused climate change that will affect generation to generation.

Poaching is also another threat to diversity. There is an increasing number of poachers who hurt and kill animals for self-gain. The poaching of elephant due to its ivory and skin is a major threat to the diversity of elephants in their habitat.

Goals of conservation biology

Here are three major goals of the conservation of the biodiversity. They are

  • To clearly describe the diversity of the living world
  • To understand the activities of a human being and their effects on the environment and species
  • To look for how human beings can protect biodiversity.
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