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Evolution is the cornerstone of modern science. It asserts the change in heritable characteristics of a biological population over successive generations. The variation in traits of a species occurs over several generations. However, what is evolution in biology really about?

In the mid-19th century, Charles Darwin came up with a theory trying to explain the concept. According to the theory, evolution happens through a process called natural selection. Natural selection explains more about adaptation and gene variation. Adaptation is an essential factor in survival.

Individuals are likely to survive based on their traits. With this, they can pass the traits from one generation to the other. Individuals that have poorly adapted to the environment are less likely to survive. Thus their genes are less likely to be passed from generations.

Role of natural selection in adaptation

Peppered moth concept involves two species of moths, the pale, whitish moth with black spots and black moth. The pale, whitish moth matched with the birch trees color. This camouflage feature enabled them to hide from their predators. Black moths ran short in numbers as they were easily spotted.

During the industrialization era, the air in industrial areas was full of soot staining trees and buildings. This enabled the black moths to camouflage, exposing the pale, whitish moths to the predators. As a result, their numbers reduced. With this case study, you get to understand the role of natural selection in adaptation.

Gene is the basic unit of inheritance. Mechanisms of the evolution occur at the genomic level. Changes in the DNA sequence largely affect the composition and expression of the gene. This explains why the human genome appears the way it is as a result of changes that affected the ancestors.

Types of evolution

It involves three types depending on their adaptations in the environment. Convergent evolution is a process whereby organisms not closely related to each other start to inhibit the same features independently as a result of sharing an ecological niche.

Adaptive radiation is a process where species from a common ancestor split into many new forms as a result of new changes or traits that affect their survival. Co-evolution is the process whereby two groups or species evolve in tandem, and one adapts to change in the other.

The significance of evolution in biology

Evolutionary biology is essential in solving biological problems that impact our lives. The knowledge can help in improving the quality of human life. Below is the importance of evolution in biology.

In the field of medicine, it enables researchers to understand the evolutionary patterns of the disease-causing organisms. With this knowledge, they can study, monitor how it affects the body, and get a cure to the pathogenic diseases. It also enables them to find preventive medicines such as vaccines.

Another significance of the theme is the study of evolutionary histories. This involves identifying the histories in genetic sequence and possible diseases. Researchers can utilize this information to control the hereditary diseases such as diabetes.

In a nutshell, the role of evolution in biology is dramatically essential to not only human life but all living organisms as a whole. Are you there asking yourself "I need help with biology homework," then worry no more, contact us anytime for assistance.

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