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Many scholars in high school and college level are likely to understand what the term composition is. In a layman's understanding, it merely is a writer's narration, put into writing that contains paragraphs that has an introduction, body, and a conclusion. However, what is English composition? This article aims at explaining what English essay entails and it's significant forms.


The term 'composition' derives its meaning from Latin origin meaning 'to put together.' A composition, therefore, is a way or means in which a writer gathers together alphabetical characters and assembles them into words and sentences to create a coherent and meaningful work. It may also be referred to an activity of writing or nature of a subject of a piece of writing.

An English composition plays a significant task in developing and elevating a student's skill in reading critically, researching as well as the writing process. Typically, the structure can be based on any tone depending on the type of title and theme of the topic in question. One may make use of simple and lucid prose, an analytical nomenclature or descriptive passages to mention a few. Below are the four primary forms of English composition.

Significant Forms of English Composition Writing

Description Composition

It is also referred to as descriptive writing. This form of English composition writing is a statement or an account that tends to describe a person or an activity. It majorly focuses on the highlights showing the characteristic features of the object, event, or person as well as the essential details.

All these are necessary to provide the reader with a portrayal in the form of word or writing. The description likely intends to catch the reader's attention by blowing their minds with the imagination of the character in question. Descriptive prose provides the looks and feels of the items, trying however much it can to offer all the available details. Thus it brings out the accuracy of events or objects.

Exposition Composition

This form explains and expounds on the object, person, or event. Exposition, well known as expository writing, is more or less similar to a descriptive essay. The only difference is it describes more than descriptive writing. Since it is more than just describing, it tries to bring out the reality as well as the clear picture of one's ideas and what it means. This, therefore, it shows that it tends to layout a proposition that succinctly emancipates a general notion of a specific subject.

Narration Composition

It is well known as narrative writing. It involves a story that the writer tells his or her reader. Narration depends on the way the writer chooses to structure it. It can be a series of facts that are arranged in chronological order of events.

These events show how activities occur step by step and how they are both connected. The order of events may take place on a strict path or an account of flashbacks. It may also be dramatic, whereby it includes each character's scene with an action or dialogue.

Argumentation Composition

It is also known as argumentative writing. In argumentation, it generally refers to an exercise of contrasting and comparing the two different parties. It begins by introducing the two sides in its presentation using logical reasoning.

Persuasion is vital in this type of composition. It tries to persuade the writer on the importance and benefits of choosing item A against item B or vice versa. In some cases, the writer bases his logic and reasoning only by contrast. In other instances, he or she may begin by contrasting then later conclude the essay by comparing the two fields.

Tips on How to Write an English Composition

As stated earlier, a composition involves paragraphs that are divide into three basic categories. These are the introduction, the body, and finally, the conclusion. To begin with, the introduction is the most significant component of all writing. The presentation should be entertaining and at the same time, engaging.

It should be well-prepared such that readers can accomplish reading the entire text without taking a pause. The thesis statement, also known as the thesis issue, should be included in the presentation, and the format should draw the readers ' focus and permit them to complete rapidly. In this section, however, dynamic phrases should be introduced to create readers attentive and curious about the body of the text.

In the body section, the exact details and perceptions are generally clarified and narrated. Good body composition of any writing material illustrates both benefits and drawbacks. It describes the appropriate cases of the events, shows the issue by providing a mental image of the facts and finally draws out the arguments explaining the reason for specific occurrences.

The conclusion wraps up the function of the phrase as a significant result of any composition. The primary task of an assertion is to offer writers space with positive thoughts to comprehend the composition's nature. The starting lines, however, should be clear, compelling, and transparent in all respects.

Significance of the Study of English Composition

English composition allows students as well as writers to improve their potential to envision and think plus assess their ability. One needs to have excellent imagination skills to be a prosperous writer and to brush up this skill by writing compositions continually. Students need an immeasurable imagination skill to develop distinct types of writing ups.

Writing English composition improves the scholars' writing skills, thus indirectly enhancing their reading and speaking skills. The urge to write, speak and read any dialect is closely connected, and thus the advancement of any one of them influences the other.

English composition is the right way to express the individual's thoughts and views. Students can communicate with others through writing English compositions and give a message to society at large. You can now seek for English homework help today by contacting us for prompt help.

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