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Teaching a foreign language to beginners can be challenging. Just like any other foreign language, English is the same. Teaching English can be challenging but rewarding. It only requires patience and total engagement of the whole class. The ability to learn the response from your students is a knack that ought to be enriched. With the right strategies and knowledge, you will find teaching ESL Students exciting. In this post, we will comprehensively enlighten you on how to teach English as a second language to beginners. These are proven strategies that will put you ahead.

Introduce the Basics of English Language

Start with Alphabets and Numbers

Introducing alphabets and numbers to ESL students is the base of what you are going to teach in English. When students understand these two elements mentioned earlier, learning English will be quite easy after that.

Although learning Alphabetical letters can prove simple to those speakers whose native language use English or Latin alphabet, it is important to ask students to practice numbers by using flashcards with words that start with the 26 English alphabets. This act will reinforce your lesson and Students will start feeling at ease and fun with the lesson.

How to Teach English as a Second language by using Pronunciation

English is a language of complicated and confusing sounds. Hence it is incredibly vital to teaching pronunciation. Some of the hard sounds to pronounce for ESL students are “TH,” “R,” “H,” and “L.” The “TH” does not exist in many languages; hence, it is relatively difficult for beginners. This sound is hard to pronounce especially to those students who have Slavic language backgrounds.

The “R” Sound is also difficult for many students because is also pronounced differently in the different regional dialects. For “H,” it’s a most challenging sound, especially for Spanish speakers who perceive it as a silent letter. However, in English, the letter “H” is pronounced and may confuse a lot of ESL students when in used in different contexts such as “gh” in a trough and “sh” in dish.

Last but not least, “L” is a difficult letter, especially for the first time English learners from East Asia. Therefore, it is essential to understand your ESL students and their regions when introducing them to English pronunciations.

How to Teach English as a Second Language by teaching Nouns and Adjectives

Teaching nouns to ESL students can be easy because they will be eager to learn the names of the things that surround them. To make it a bit easier, start by teaching the things that are around the class such as books, pens, ink, paper, chalk, blackboard, whiteboard, etc. This will give them a clear picture of what they are learning. Afterward, advance them to the nouns of things outside the classroom and those which they are likely to encounter such as a house, food, cars, elevators, etc.

Teach them also adjectives and how they modify these nouns. Adjectives are describing words such as clever, black, Welsh, Silly, etc.

Introduce and Expand on Verbs

Verbs are action words that will help ESL students make full sentences with English. Some of the verbs that you can teach are spoken less, to pronounce, etc. Do not forget to illustrate irregular words such as go which changes to went in the past tense and gone in the past participle.

Teach how adverbs modify adjectives, verbs and other adverbs

Adverbs are words that explain to which degree something happened. They include happily, hurriedly, briskly, etc. Introducing students to adverbs will make them understand more on how to explain their sentences further.

Teach the ESL students how to construct simple sentences and phrases

Teaching ESL students to make simple sentences will not only help them to learn how to speak fluently but also how to read and write effectively. It is significant for students to learn the five essential English sentence patterns. These are

Subject –verb, example

The snake hisses

Subject-verb-object, example

Michael eats Hotdogs

Subject-verb-adjectives, example

The boy is handsome

Subject-Verb-adverb, example

The tiger runs briskly

Subject-verb-noun, example

Joseph is a writer

Embrace Best English Language Teaching Practices

Build confidence in the ESL Student

ESL students are aware that they have a weakness in learning English. This may lead to irritation and emotions. It is your duty as an English teacher to create a favorable environment for the student to be confident when learning the language. Let the student be aware that making mistakes is normal and always be friendly and considerate when correcting the student’s mistakes.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple is an essential skill that helps one to teach the English language to complete beginners easily. Many newbie English teachers use complex words when praising, instructing, or giving feedback to their ESL students. This is a mistake that can make the student shutdown. Instead, try to use simple words as you can and make it easy for the students to adapt.

Give them a lot of time to practice

ESL students cannot get it immediately. To make them understand, give them a lot of time for practice. Offer them a lot of examples. Give them a lot of assignments to work on their own. At the end of it all, give them exams and tests to gauge their understanding about the language they have been taught.

Apply positive Enforcement

ESL students will make mistakes along the way. Do not yell at them, instead, correct them with positive vibes. When you yell at them, it will trigger negativity to English, which will affect their learning. Be positive, and they will acquire the motivation and vigor to learning English with zeal.

Do not make the lesson boring

Make the lesson interesting. Try to make practical and constructive jokes in the class, which will awaken the students’ positive feelings about the language. English can be a bit boring, but with the right jokes, it becomes exciting. Try using media where possible such as flashcards or learning videos since it’s easy for the students to remember what they saw than what they read in the English textbooks.

As an ESL student, English can be a bit challenging. Sometimes, when given several English assignments, you may lack the time and space to complete them with ease. When you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic. Instead, contact us for English homework cheats which will help you achieve your success in learning English.

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