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An ecosystem is a common word that is used by a biologist. It means a community that comprises of the animals and plants and how they interact with each other and with non-living things in their same locale. In ecosystem terms, living organisms are referred to as biotic factors while the non-living things are referred to as an abiotic factor. How biotic factors and abiotic factors interact with each other is what is simply termed by the ecologists as an ecosystem. Some of the abiotic factors include ponds, rivers, ocean, land, etc. For biotic factors, they include fish, plants, rabbits, human being, etc.

Rules that governs the ecosystem

Energy and matter are saved. The matter is recycled while the energy tends to flow from heat energy to light energy, which is used by the plants in the process of photosynthesis. Ecosystems that have higher biodiversity tend to have greater resilience and resistance when faced with disruptive events. That indicates that the higher the biodiversity, the more the stability of the ecosystem. They come in different sizes such as ponds, lakes, marine, aquatic, and terrestrial. Biomes are the names given to the larger categories of terrestrials. Biomes are largely based on the type of climate in that physical environment.

Types of ecosystem

Numerous types exist. However, in our article today, we are going to discuss in details the three major categories which are terrestrial, freshwater and oceanic.

Terrestrial Ecosystem

There are so many terrestrial ecosystems around the world. With their conducive environment that can support most of the organisms, terrestrial ecosystems can be categorized in the following ways:

Rainforest Ecosystem

The rainforest is a complex ecosystem that holds a large number of organisms. This ecosystem is a bit stable because it has a higher biodiversity.


Tundra ecosystem is a simple cold environment that supports only little animals that can survive in icy places. This type is commonly found in the north poles and the south poles such as Arctic Circle and the Antarctica.


Unlike the desert's, savanna is a bit wetter which provides a better ecosystem that supports more life than the deserts or the tundra.


Desert is a highly harsh environment that is characterized by high levels of temperatures which gives few chances of supporting life. Most animals that live in this type are highly poisonous.


Just like the name suggests, the freshwater ecosystem is composed of environment that is non-salty such as ponds, lakes, etc. The ecosystem that is found in freshwater environments are small fish, freshwater birds, insects and amphibians such as salamanders, toads and frogs and even some snakes.


Oceanic are those that are found in salinity environments such as in oceans or seas and even some salty water lakes. They comprise of big fish such as sharks, dolphins, lobsters, among others. Are you finding it hard to complete your biology paper on time? At wagedprofessors.com, the an affordable biology problem solvers who will urgently attend to your “help with biology questions” requests.

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