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Geometry is a broad field of mathematics that focuses mainly on shapes and sizes of different dimensions. These dimensions, however, have angles that vary depending on the surface type. From polygons to square-shaped objects, the geometric angle must be determined and calculated with the available angle and value measurement. An angle is a space between two line segments or rays with the same endpoint. Usually, the angles are measured in degrees with a circle measuring up to 360 degrees. In this article, you will learn some tips on how to do geometry angles.

How to Do Geometry Angles By Counting up the number of the polygon's sides

You can do this by using the formula (n-2) x 180 whereby 'n' represents the number of sides of the polygon as well as the number of interior angles. However much polygons look similar, they vary in the form of measurements and value of angles.

For example, a 3-sided polygon totals to 180 degrees whereas a 4-sided polygon sums up to 360 degrees. Upon having the number of sides of the polygon, you can be able to calculate the total measure of all interior angles.

How to DO Geometry Angles By Identifying the type of polygon in question

Ensure if the polygon is either regular or irregular. With a regular polygon, all the sides are the same and have similar measures of angles such as squares and equilateral triangles. It divides the total sum of all its angles by the number of the polygon's number.

For example, an equilateral triangle has three sides, which are also the number of angles. Therefore, you will divide 180 degrees by 3 to get the value of each aspect. In the case of an irregular polygon, you need to know the measured value of each angle to calculate the measure of the unknown angle.

How to Do Geometry Angles By Calculating the polygon

Where the polygon has two known angle measures, that is for a triangle, consider to add all the angles then subtract the sum from the total angle measure of the polygon. This scenario where a polygon or triangle has two different angles ratio is known as a scalene triangle.

Thus for a 3-sided scalene triangle, you subtract the total sum from 180 degrees to get the value. Where a polygon has more than three sides, add up all the angle measures to determine the total angle value for that particular polygon. Polygons with the same size and angles are straightforward and easy to calculate.

Finding ratios

The two known sides can also help in finding the coefficients of the triangles with the help of trigonometric functions and the length of sides. Taking an example of a right-angle triangle, it has an opposite side, adjacent side, and hypotenuse side. The complementary angles in question are known as arcsine or inverse sine.

For you to get ratios, you can opt to use the printed log tables or a calculator. If you use a calculator with a trigonometric function capability, you input the sine value from the calculation and then press the appropriate keys depending on the model of the calculator. The log table contains the value of sine, cosine, and tangent depending on your question. For geometry cheats and answers on the subject, kindly reach us today for prompt assistance.

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