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Chemistry is the study of elements, atoms, and molecules. It has broad career pathways that you can exploit as a chemistry student. Often, when the chemistry is mentioned, what comes to our mind is a man or a woman wearing goggles and holding a beaker. That is not the case; chemistry is more significant than that. In our today article, we are going to explore what to do with a chemistry degree in 2019 that will give you a jumpstart in your career success.

Consider a career in research

Chemistry research and development sectors are rapidly growing and developing each day due to the advancement of technology. As a chemistry student who is interested in chemistry research, this is the best field for you. Chemistry research experts work in a team and have high analytical skills as well as an eye to details which help them to conduct their scientific experiments with utmost care and professionalism. A chemistry researcher mostly works at the laboratory to offer accurate experimental results.

Multiple research sectors that offer these opportunities include healthcare industries, chemical engineering industries as well as other chemical-related industries. Research is significant in the discovery of medicine, improvement in the understanding of environmental issues as well as the production of new products such as soap, food, and paints. The chemistry research team is also useful in conducting forensic analysis for criminals.

What to do with chemistry degree in the public sector

Chemistry is a jumpstart in the public sector. One can become a chemical engineer in institutions of law and policymaking. For forensic analysis, there is a possibility of presenting your analysis and findings to the court during a proceeding. Most of the chemists who strive to work in these public sectors are driven by their interests in law and policymaking for their country.

What to do with chemistry degree in health care

Health care is another sector that has become a boom in the last decade. Just like the research sector, health care is characterized by rigorous research. Here, you will have to pursue a career as a lab technician, especially if you only have a bachelor's degree. To elevate your earning with a chemistry degree in health care, you should consider pursuing an MSc or a Ph.D. You can as well get a good salary if your interest is in pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacologists are useful in designing and developing a new or improving on an existing medicine while the chemical engineers are on board to test the efficiency of these different and old medicines. Toxicologists are also in this category to make sure that the medicine developed and tested is not toxic and is suitable for consumption.

What to do with a chemistry degree in Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering sector ranges from oil, gas, toiletries, plastics, pharmaceuticals and water treatment which offer job opportunities to chemistry graduates. This career path is responsible for directly designing, creating and developing new chemical products as well as techniques such as biomedical engineering and nanotechnology.


These are some of the careers that you can pursue with a chemistry degree. Do not be limited by the options mentioned above. Instead, there are many more chemistry-related careers in the industry due to the ever-evolving chemical technology. However, Chemistry is an overwhelming science which needs a high level of concentration. Therefore, whenever you find this subject challenging, contact us for your "do my chemistry homework" request and we will be on your service immediately.

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