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Physics is a branch of science that relates to nature and the properties of energy and matter. Being a broad subject with vast options, it deals with both the tiny particles and the natural phenomena of the world and its galaxy. The following branches of physics explain these concepts.

Classical Physics as one of the branches of Physics

It focuses on the law of motion and gravity, and thermodynamics and the kinetic theories by Sir Isaac Newton and James Clark Maxwell respectively. According to classical physics, matter and energy are considered to be separate entities. It articulates the law of motion developing the reaction of the body to movement impacted by an external force.

Nuclear Physics as one of the branches of Physics

This is a branch of physics that deals with the constituents and the structure of an atom nucleus. It studies the behavior and the forces imparted on the cores of the atoms and how they react at different conditions. The significance of this branch aids in the generation of power in nuclear power plants, manufacture of medicines, nuclear weapons and many more.

Biophysics as one of the branches of physics

Biophysics involves the study of biological phenomena and problems with the help of techniques and rules of physics. These techniques help in monitoring the molecular structure of living organisms and finding solutions to biological problems. Biophysics has primarily contributed to the discovery of the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) structure.

Mechanical Physics

Well known as mechanics, it is a branch of physics that deals with the motion of objects under the influence of forces and how they interact with each other. This branch falls into two sub-branches.

  • Quantum mechanics which deals with the smallest molecules that are neutrons, protons and electrons
  • Classical mechanics which deals with the law of motion of objects and elaborates on the forces that cause the action.
  • Atomic Physics

    This is a branch of science that only focuses on the composition of an atom. It explains the behavior and arrangement of the electrons in a shell-like formation around the nucleus. The significance of atomic physics is it examines the ions, electrons and neutral atoms.

    Modern Physics

    Modern science is a branch of physics mainly concerned with quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. It alludes the relationship between energy and matter and how they are similar entities. This branch falls under two pillars.

  • Quantum theory. It explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter based on the atomic and subatomic level. Planck discovered that the amount of energy existing in an individual unit, also known as quanta, is similar to matter.
  • Theory of relativity. It states that the laws of physics are identical for all non-accelerating percipients.
  • Geophysics

    This deals with the study of the earth's shape, structure, and composition. With this, geophysicists get to learn about the magnetic fields and gravitational forces, as well as to understand how natural calamities such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. The knowledge aids in understanding the natural phenomena of the earth.

    As can be seen, the branches of physics answer the hard questions of the real world's phenomena and the significance of the subject in our day to day life. Do you need instant physics help in your homework or test? Then worry no more, kindly call us anytime for assistance on your query.

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