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Biology is a natural science that in every life of an organism. In simple terms, biology is the study of the life of the living organisms and their environment. This branch of natural science consists of many categories and sub-disciplines. Biology aims to study the functions, structure, taxonomy, evolution, growth, identification, and the distributions of the phenomenon. What are the branches of biology?

Zoology as one of the branches of biology

Zoology is one of the main branches that take into consideration the study of animals. Zoology is a Greek term that originates from two words, which are "Zoon" and "logos." "Zoon" means animals while "logos" mean study.

Zoology is further divided into different sub-branches. They include Radiation biology, which is the study of gamma rays, electrons, x-rays, and protons for the welfare of human beings. Poultry Science is the study of tamed birds such as turkey, chicken, geese, etc. Applied Zoology is the biology that studies the naming of living things which is commonly referred to as taxonomy. Aquaculture is the study of seawater and freshwater animals and their maintenance. Applied entomology is the study of how insects can benefit human beings.

Organismal zoology is the science of our biosphere and the animals in it. Piggery is the study of pigs and anything related to them. Vermiculture is the study of the burrow-soil worms and their benefits in the manufacturing of fertilizers. Parasitology is the study of parasites. Daily science is the study of the production of milk and their related products.

Mammology is the science of mammals; Nematology is the science that deals with the roundworms and pesticides technology commonly deals with the manufacturing and uses of pesticides while ornithology deals with the science of birds. Lastly but not least, Herpetology is the scientific study of reptiles while applied embryology is the science that uses test tubes to increase the production of the cattle.

Botany as one of the branches of biology

Botany is the biology of the plant's life. It is one of the major branches of biology after zoology. It highly involves the study of phytology of physical and chemical properties, structure, disease, evolution, and the growth of the plant species such as algae, fungi, among others. Through the study of botany, human or botanists understand how plants are significant in the production of medicines, oxygen, fuel, fibers, and food.

Ecology as one of the branches of biology

Ecology is a branch of biology that involves the study of how living organisms interact with each other and their environment. It also studies some of the existing environmental issues such as eco-cycle and how it is affected by the environment.


This is a branch of biology that studies the chemical process that occurs in all living organisms. It is highly interested in the cellular components such as lipids, nucleic acids, etc.


This is the science of the interrelationship between living organisms and energy. This branch of biology is divided into different sub-branches such as molecular biophysics, cellular biophysics, and bio-electricity and quantum physics.


This is a large branch of biology that studies hereditary traits and variations. This branch of biology was pioneered by Gregor Mendel who laid down the foundation of modern genetics.


Anatomy is a branch of biology that aims in the study of the internal organs and their functions, as well as the structure of animals and plants. Other branches of biology are ethology, physiology, and evolution biology, developmental biology, among others which are established as the modern study progresses. Biology as a branch of natural science, can be overwhelming and challenging, especially when you do not understand its conceptual framework. However, with affordable biology help online, you will find this subject interesting than you never thought before.

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