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Nuclear physics research is the cornerstone of info which tries to answer the fundamental questions of the earth. It is responsible for everything we see at night in the sky as it comprises of nuclear matter. Therefore, what exactly is nuclear physics? It is the study of protons and neutrons at the center of an atom, and it explains the interactions that hold them together in space. The atoms comprise of a positively charged nucleus which is surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Note that neutrons are electrically neutral while protons have a positive charge. This article will mostly be on the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear physics.

In some situations, the number of nucleons (protons and neutrons) may change as a result of a nuclear reaction. Some of these nuclear reactions include nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, and radioactive decay. Consider that the responses are useful in the fields of nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry.

Nuclear fusion is a process where two or more atomic nuclei are merged to form a different atom. On the other hand, nuclear fission is a process which involves the splitting up of atoms into several smaller parts as a result of a collision with other particles.

Advantages of Nuclear Physics

In nuclear power plants, they produce large amounts of atomic fission energy by utilizing minimum quantities of fossil fuel, which is harmful to the environment. By using fossil fuels, it aids in minimizing environmental pollution.

With the growing urge in energy by industries, automobile operators and other energy-intensive activities, the vast production of the nuclear power plants can keep up with these demands. This helps in utilizing the surplus energy produced by the plants.

Fuel used in fission is relatively cheap and very much in abundant. Since the radioactive materials take long to be disposed of, it lasts for many years in the reactors hence helps in disposing of radiation wastes.

Adopting the nuclear system can significantly help in reducing global warming. Point to note is the nuclear plants use fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment and later give out energy which doesn't pollute the air. Greenhouses emit gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid which contribute primarily to eating up the ozone layer hence causing global warming.

The knowledge of nuclear physics has led to the research of high technology to which the benefits are to other industries. For instance, the invention of nuclear weapons has boosted the security teams of superpower nations.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Physics

Poorly displaced nuclear wastes pollute the environment and can endanger the lives of people residing near the area. It poses a high risk of developing complications such as illness in animals and human beings and killing plants due to toxic substances.

The nuclear power plants operations and equipment used are expensive to purchase and require high maintenance hence need a massive budget which is not pocket-friendly. Consider also the emergence of nuclear weapons poses a threat of terrorism which leads to an insecurity among states and loss of lives.

Despite the pros and cons of the topic, it is essential to commend the impact it has tried to shape our world. In case you need physics assignment help, feel free to contact us for quick assistance.

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